Introduction to UNITAF - Code of Conduct - UNITAF Force Manual (FM)

Introduction to UNITAF - Code of Conduct
The FM outlines our core skills, policies and guides to ensure every member stands ready for the mission ahead.

FM/G30 - The Code of Conduct

FM/BP-225 - Article 1: Code of Conduct

In order to enjoy our time together, all members of UNITAF must abide by this code of conduct. Common sense should prevail, but this code sets out expectations of our behaviour and represents the values of UNITAF. Values which as members it is our responsibility to defend.

  1. I am a part of UNITAF, a group of people with diverse backgrounds and cultures. I will show respect to all members.
  2. In order to facilitate unit organisation I will respect and uphold the chain of command.
  3. I will make a conscious effort to learn our SOPs over time and promote and apply them.
  4. I will demonstrate good sportsmanship and integrity at all times.
  5. If conflict should arise, I will step back, inform a member of Staff or ORGCOC and abstain from retaliating.
  6. If I believe a member did something well, I will praise them publicly.
  7. If I believe a member did something wrong, I will talk it out and correct in private.
  8. I will remember that I am a member of UNITAF, one team with one goal.
FM/BP-226 - Article 2: Culture

UNITAF is a diverse, multi-cultural and multinational organisation. We have no intention to codify each and every aspect of interpersonal relations within our unit. Some members have been playing together for more than 10 years. Obviously their interactions between each other are going to be different from interactions between new members. Taken out of context those might seem disrespectful. There is no quick and easy way to learn this, but if you are a new member and are unsure if something might be considered disrespectful, it is probably best to show restraint. Observe and get used to our culture. It will come in due time.

With that said, there are a number of zero tolerance topics, while you are present any unit medium you must not enter into debate or discussion of the following topics:

  1. race & culture
  2. religion or belief
  3. sexuality
  4. politics (including geo-politics and gender politics)

This includes posting images or videos or links relating to these topics, If in doubt, hold short and remember to respect everyone.

FM/BP-227 - Article 3: Realism

In order to enjoy our operations to the highest standards, all members of UNITAF must;

  1. Stay in character during all official deployments, play your role.
  2. Be realistic and cooperative work as a team and do not act in a way that ruins the experience of others.
  3. Remain in the position and kit which you were assigned.
  4. Listen to and act on any and all lawful commands.
  5. Offer an honest opinion but never publicly criticize other players.When in doubt report via the Chain of Command
  6. Abstain from using enemy equipment, unless authorized by operational chain of command.
FM/BP-228 - Article 4: Representing UNITAF

As members of UNITAF we uphold and represent the values and standards of UNITAF, especially when active on our services, servers, and platforms. Your actions and conduct reflect on UNITAF as a whole and adherence to our guidelines is crucial. Non-compliance with these standards may result in punitive action.


  • While UNITAF does not restrict members from being part of multiple groups (multi-clanning), it is mandatory to fulfil the minimum participation requirements of UNITAF.
  • Promotion, advertisement, or discussion of other non-affiliated groups, servers, or sessions is strictly prohibited on all UNITAF platforms.

Unit Patches

  • Members are encouraged to join the UNITAF unit on Arma 3 Units and use the UNITAF patch during deployments. This can be done at Arma 3 Units - UNITAF.
  • You must not use any third party patches.

Identification and Profiles

  • Members are required to align their profile names on all UNITAF platforms to the UNITAF standard as set by us on our Discord.
  • Profiles that require manual updating by you include Teamspeak and the Arma 3 Profile.
FM/BP-229 - Article 5: Confidentiality

UNITAF holds and facilitates data transfer in confidence of it's members, this data is segmented on a need-to-know basis. Breaching confidentiality is a serious violation of the code of conduct.

Examples of confidential information are; After Action Reports, COC Reports, Dossier Observations, Private Messages, Information which could personally identify a member

It is prohibited to;

  1. Distribute to any unauthorised party any confidential information provided to or accessible by you
  2. Distribute any communication which could identify any member without their express approval
  3. Record any conversation when there is a reasonable expectation of privacy
FM/BP-255 - Violations of the Code of Conduct

If we believe that anyone is in breach of the Code of Conduct we will raise an official Reprimand report with Personnel Command who will investigate it - if this is upheld then one of the following outcomes will be determined.

  1. Stage 1 Warning: A member of Personnel Command will issue you with a Stage 1 Warning
  2. Stage 2 Warning: A senior member of Personnel Command will issue you with a Stage 2 Warning
  3. Final Warning: Typically an intervention from one or two more senior members of Personal Command
  4. Punitive Reduction of Rank: Your rank and/or additional privileges can be removed by Unit Command
  5. Role Area Suspension (RAS): You may be temporarily suspended from deploying in specific combat areas by Unit Command, based on the assessment and duration deemed necessary.
  6. Suspension: Your place in the task force can be suspended by Unit Command for a period of time to be determined, typically starting at 3 months.
  7. Dishonourable Discharge: If an offence is severe or following a continuous pattern of misconduct the member can be referred to the Task Force Commanding Officer (TFCO) for Permanent Discharge. Unlike the normal FM/B- - a dishonourable discharge precludes a person from being present in any unit operated/owned medium perpetually.
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