Universal Concepts - Engaging the enemy - UNITAF Force Manual (FM)

Universal Concepts - Engaging the enemy
The FM outlines our core skills, policies and guides to ensure every member stands ready for the mission ahead.

FM/G70 - Weapon control states

FM/BG-335 - Understanding weapon control states

A weapon control status is a temporary condition set by the Commander of an operation, one state is always in effect. It describes the terms under which elements can engage valid targets. Under normal conditions a rifleman or element would contact report a target and await authorisation to fire. A weapon control status modifies this condition and allows those elements to fire using self authorisation under certain conditions based on target identification criteria. The Commander sets and adjusts the weapon control state based on friendly and enemy disposition and clarity of the overall situation.

A weapon control state is not the same as the Rules of Engagement (ROE) or the Law of armed conflict (LOAC) which always apply.

FM/BS-351 - Observe the active weapons control state

"Weapons Red"

  • Engage only if there is an imminent threat to life. 
  • Authorisation is required for all other targets
    • with the exception of immediate life-threatening situations. 
  • Return fire only if absolutely necessary. 
  • This state is typically used when stealth is important.

"Weapons Orange"

  • Return fire only and limit engagements to active threats against you or friendlies. 
  • Disengage if the threat ceases.
  • The most common state.

"Weapons Green"

  • Engage any confirmed enemy target.
  • This state is common in prolonged firefights, emphasising rapid response to enemy threats without the need for authorisation or detailed contact reports for each engagement.
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