Article 3: Realism - Policy - UNITAF Force Manual (FM)

Article 3: Realism
The FM outlines our core skills, policies and guides to ensure every member stands ready for the mission ahead.

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FM/BP-227.V1.00 - Article 3: Realism

In order to enjoy our operations to the highest standards, all members of UNITAF must;

  1. Stay in character during all official deployments, play your role.
  2. Be realistic and cooperative work as a team and do not act in a way that ruins the experience of others.
  3. Remain in the position and kit which you were assigned.
  4. Listen to and act on any and all lawful commands.
  5. Offer an honest opinion but never publicly criticize other players.When in doubt report via the Chain of Command
  6. Abstain from using enemy equipment, unless authorized by operational chain of command.
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