Article 5: Confidentiality - Policy - UNITAF Force Manual (FM)

Article 5: Confidentiality
The FM outlines our core skills, policies and guides to ensure every member stands ready for the mission ahead.

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FM/BP-229.V1.00 - Article 5: Confidentiality

UNITAF holds and facilitates data transfer in confidence of it's members, this data is segmented on a need-to-know basis. Breaching confidentiality is a serious violation of the code of conduct.

Examples of confidential information are; After Action Reports, COC Reports, Dossier Observations, Private Messages, Information which could personally identify a member

It is prohibited to;

  1. Distribute to any unauthorised party any confidential information provided to or accessible by you
  2. Distribute any communication which could identify any member without their express approval
  3. Record any conversation when there is a reasonable expectation of privacy
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