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Re-activation of Inactive Members
The FM outlines our core skills, policies and guides to ensure every member stands ready for the mission ahead.

Current Version (30 days ago)

FM/BP-231.V1.01 - Re-activation of Inactive Members

Inactive members who have been Discharged for more than a month can apply for re-activation through a re-induction process, which comprises of:

  • Eligibility check via Dossier review
  • A re-induction covering:
    • Update on changes in UNITAF
    • Assistance with any questions
    • Re-ranking if necessary
    • Re-activation of membership

To re-activate, inactive members must login to the website and select the appropriate option to trigger the request.

Published by Maj James on 15/06/2024 at 20:37

Previous Versions

FM/BP-231.V1.00 - Re-activation Policy

If someone has been discharged and assigned to the Inactive state they can apply to be re-activated via a re-induction by logging into their account. Re-activation is not always accepted, you must have been Discharged for a minimum of 30 days and an assessment will be made based on historic conduct. If you are invited for re-induction, it will be similar to the induction you did when you joined UNITAF, but during an induction we will;

  • Check your eligibility for re-induction, by looking at your Dossier
  • Make you aware of any changes in UNITAF since you were last active
  • Help you with any questions you have
  • Re-rank you if required
  • Re-activate your membership

To complete this process, you need to be on the Discord and simply ask in the help or inactive channels for a Re-induction.

Published by Maj James on 05/01/2024 at 23:44
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