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Debriefing Process
The FM outlines our core skills, policies and guides to ensure every member stands ready for the mission ahead.

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FM/BP-370.V1.01 - Debriefing Process


  • Each element conducts its debriefing, led by the element leader.
  • Only immediate subordinates of the element leader are allowed to attend.
  • No other attendance or speaking is permitted, except as outlined in FM/BP-368 - Who can attend a debriefing.

Levels and Participants

  • Fireteam: Led by Fireteam Leader; subordinates are team members.
  • Squad: Led by Squad Leader; subordinates are Fireteam Leaders.
  • Platoon: Led by Platoon Leader; subordinates are Squad Leaders.
  • Company: Led by Company Commander; subordinates are Platoon Leaders.
  • Attachments: Led by the Element Leader or for example JTAC/FO from HQ Element


  • The element leader asks each subordinate, in reverse order of seniority, for feedback.
  • Feedback includes: successes, issues, and suggestions for improvement.
  • Each person speaks uninterrupted, followed by the next subordinate.

Leaders' Role

  • The element leader may comment or question after each feedback.
  • After all have spoken, the leader may allow further comments if permitted.
  • The leader summarizes the feedback and provides their own insights.
  • The leader concludes the debrief and reports to their superior.

The process ascends through the OPCOC hierarchy to the higher headquarters.

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Previous Versions

FM/BP-370.V1.00 - Debriefing Process
  • Each element conducts a debriefing
  • The debriefing is conducted by the element leader
  • Only the immediate subordinates of the element leader may be present for the debriefing
    • No other person is permitted to attend or speak at the debriefing (exceptions see FM/BP-368 - Who can attend a debriefing)
    • Examples of debriefing levels
      • Fireteam (leader: Fireteam Leader subordinates: members of the fireteam)
      • Squad (leader: Squad Leader subordinates: fireteam leaders)
      • Platoon (leader: Platoon Leader subordinates: squad leaders)
      • Company (leader: Company Commander subordinates: platoon leaders)
  • The element leader, in reverse order of seniority (of rank or role) asks each person for
    • their feedback;
    • or their elements feedback (depending on the level of the debriefing).
      • Feedback includes;
        • What went well
        • What didn't go well
        • What we could do different next time
  • Each person speaks uninterrupted and then the element leader will continue through each subordinate.
    • The element leader may make a comment or ask a question to a subordinate before moving on
  • After all subordinates have spoken the element leader will ask if anyone has any further comments, to which, if the element leader permits it, can be made.
  • The element leader, summarizes the feedback as they understand it from their subordinates
  • The element leader gives their own feedback to their subordinates and their thoughts on the mission
  • The element leader dismisses the element and reports to their superior debriefing.
  • This process continues up the OPCOC until it reaches the higher headquarters.
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