Activity, Discharge & Participation - UNITAF Force Manual (FM)


Activity, Discharge & Participation
The FM outlines our core skills, policies and guides to ensure every member stands ready for the mission ahead.

FM/BP-230 - Activity Policy

In UNITAF you can attend any mission you wish to attend and has free slots that you are qualified for. In UNITAF you also hold an Activity Status, your activity status will be managed by your chain of command, and there are a number of statuses, outlined below;

  • Regular (Deployed within the last 30 days)
  • Reserve (Deployed within 30-60 days)
  • Inactive (Deployed 60+ days)

Regular and Reserve members retain full access to all UNITAF services. Inactive members do not have access to any UNITAF services.

FM/BP-231 - Re-activation Policy

If someone has been discharged and assigned to the Inactive state they can apply to be re-activated via a re-induction by logging into their account. Re-activation is not always accepted, you must have been Discharged for a minimum of 30 days and an assessment will be made based on historic conduct. If you are invited for re-induction, it will be similar to the induction you did when you joined UNITAF, but during an induction we will;

  • Check your eligibility for re-induction, by looking at your Dossier
  • Make you aware of any changes in UNITAF since you were last active
  • Help you with any questions you have
  • Re-rank you if required
  • Re-activate your membership

To complete this process, you need to be on the Discord and simply ask in the help or inactive channels for a Re-induction.

FM/BP-232 - Leave Policy

Leave is a temporary function used to allow a member to stay beyond the usual period of 30 days of inactivity outlined in FM/BP-230 - Activity Policy, in exceptional circumstances. Any member can apply to Personnel Command for leave stating the reason. If approved you'll hold all of your normal permissions and access in UNITAF for the period of the leave. 

  • Leave must have a definite end date, and will be reviewed following its end. 
  • Leave is intended for some of our active service members being deployed and anyone who needs to take an unexpected break under exceptional circumstances.
FM/BP-233 - Discharge Policy

By default, when you go inactive in UNITAF you'll be issued a standard discharge and no longer have access to UNITAF services. This happens when you no longer meet FM/BP-230 - Activity Policy.

Alternatively, long standing members can instead apply to Personnel Command for an Honourable Discharge. Retirement is a state reserved for dedicated members of UNITAF who have made wide or considerable contributions to UNITAF over a period of time and having no major conduct issues on file. Being discharged in this way means you'll retain most access to UNITAFs services while in the Retired state. Retired members can continue to partake in day-to-day life in UNITAF and are visibly denoted by the (Ret.) appended to their rank.

FM/BP-234 - Discord Policy

If you leave the UNITAF discord server you will be automatically discharged from UNITAF under standard discharge terms. If this happens in error, or you need to change the discord account associated with your UNITAF account you should contact Personnel Command for rectification.

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