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ORBAT Slot Allocation
The FM outlines our core skills, policies and guides to ensure every member stands ready for the mission ahead.

FM/BP-240 - Slot Allocation Philosophy

Our dynamic ORBAT system is one of the hallmarks of UNITAF. The purpose of the dynamic ORBAT system is to ultimately fill all ORBATs with the most experienced and capable person available. It is primarily first come first serve but slot allocation must always be fair and transparent and therefore it's useful that members are aware of the various nuances within the system.

FM/BP-241 - ORBAT Rank Restrictions

At a global level, an ORBAT can be set to have both a minimum and maximum rank. All ORBATs by default have a minimum rank of Recruit. The only exception to this is the Recruit intake itself, which has a minimum rank of Candidate. This is a rarely exercised mechanic due to the Tier system, but it is possible for Operations Command to set a minimum or maximum rank on a deployment. Typically this is used during officer meetings to prevent Officers from deploying to an ORBAT which clashes in the schedule.

For practice ORBATs some rank restrictions may apply:

  • FTX Candidates, where the only rank eligible is Candidate (CDT)
  • FTX Recruits, where the only rank eligible is Recruit (Rec)
  • FTX Regulars, where the eligible rank must exceed Private (Pvt) with no maximum
  • FTX NCOs, where the eligible rank must exceed Corporal (Cpl) with no maximum
FM/BG-242 - Tiers and Up-tiering

On release of an ORBAT only those with an equal tier to the role in question will be able to acquire the slot. 24 hours from release is given for anyone holding the required tier to acquire the slot. Should nobody do so then 24 hours after release the automatic up-tiering process begins.

  • 24 hours after release, anyone with 1 tier below the required tier of any vacant slot can acquire it, known as a 1UP
  • 48 hours after release, 24 hours after 1UP anyone with 2 tiers below the required tier of any vacant slot can acquire it, known as a 2UP


  • It is only possible to up-tier a maximum of 2 tiers (2UP)
  • You cannot up-tier in a combat area if you do not hold at least Tier I in that area
  • If you have acquired a Reprimand in the last 7 days

The system will always tell you why you cannot acquire a slot and will state the reason in a tooltip when the cursor is hovered over it.

FM/BG-244 - Learner Slots

A learner slot is a unique ORBAT slot for legacy combat areas which allows an individual who has not yet been able to gain any combat experience in a combat area to do so. It allows individuals to get their first step on the ladder allowing them to access the up-tiering systems for a combat area. It does this by only allowing someone who has practice experience but no combat in experience in a specific combat area to slot without needing the usual Tier requirement. 

Key points:

  • One Learner slot is permitted per 20 slots on the ORBAT
  • Learner slots can only be applied to Tier I roles
  • Only someone who is Tier-0 in the area, can use the Learner Slot
  • The Field Leader may choose to change any of the Tier I slots to a Learner slot at their discretion.
  • To use 'L' Plate slots, you cannot have had Reprimands in the last 7 days, or any active PCFs in this Combat Area.
  • If the learner slot is not claimed 24 hours after the release of an ORBAT, it will automatically become a normal slot

How to assign a Learner Slot: 

  • From the ORBAT editor, roles eligible for conversion will be shown with a blue cap icon. 
  • Should the slot not be claimed, the Field Leader can return here to convert the slot back to a regular slot.

Locating Learner Slots on ORBATs: 

  • Learner slots are easy to find on open ORBATs, denoted by their blue cap and blue deploy buttons. 
  • Once the slot has been claimed it is again denoted with it's blue cap.
A learner slot as it appears on a typical ORBAT

Above: A learner slot as it appears on a typical ORBAT

FM/BP-245 - Locking Slots

It is possible for Field Leaders to lock slots on an ORBAT. If a slot is locked it is denoted by a greyed out slot and an absent deployment button replaced by the message "Contact Field Leader". 

Locked slots must be used sparingly and in limited circumstances:

  1. For mission critical roles in which the Field Leader deems the person needs to be vetted prior to slot allocation, e.g.
    1. specific role play characters
    2. complicated piloting slots or aircraft
  2. For missions where the ORBAT may not fill and a number of roles are locked to funnel slot allocation across multiple teams, before unlocking additional slots.

In any case, locked slots filled by manual allocation must follow FM/BP-247 - Manual slot allocation.

FM/BG-246 - Pre-slotting

Pre-slotting is a muster period that occurs after ORBAT creation and before ORBAT release. The pre-slotting stage is typically 24 hours before release. During the pre-slotting stage Leadership and Mission Support slots are opened ahead of general release - allowing members to see who the Leaders and Mission Support Team will be before slotting.

During the pre-slotting phase the assigned Field Leader and Mission Support Team also slot to ensure they are allocated before general release. No other roles are possible to be pre-slotted before general release and pre-slotting is a self served process - except as outlined in manual allocation.

FM/BP-247 - Manual slot allocation

Field Leaders have access to a manual allocation tool which is the only method by which someone can be slotted without doing it personally via the ORBAT. Manual allocation can be used in a limited number of circumstances, as outlined below;

  1. leaders and game-masters who have planned the mission; such as the Field Leader and mission developers
  2. agreed leadership assignments
  3. any person in the pre-slotting approved role areas who is unable to slot themselves in the pre-slotting window
  4. in some circumstance a junior leader with an experienced supporting leader or visa-versa, these allocations should be limited to 1 pair per ORBAT.

Manual allocation is for certain circumstances, therefore:

  • no manual assignment of persons not meeting minimum or maximum rank requirements
  • no manual assignment of persons with reprimands within the last 7 days
  • no manual assignment of persons with active flags in the assigned combat area
  • no manual assignment of non pre-slotting combat areas where the user doesn't have the required tier;
    • except when;
      • manually assigning a 1UP within a valid 1UP window
      • manually assigning a 2UP within a valid 2UP window
      • assigning a slot which has not been filled after ORBAT lock (or within 24 hours of deployment execution)
      • changing a role for METT-TC purposes after ORBAT lock

Slot priority in manual allocation: In the case that nobody in the active force has the requirements for a slot, then the next most experienced person can be manually assigned, should they not pursue the slot, this process can be repeated until filled - in this case there is no need to await the 1UP or 2UP windows. When manually allocating slots, priority should be given to those with the most official requirements - taking into account all other factors of this policy. 

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