Chemical managment - UNITAF Force Manual (FM)


Chemical managment
The FM outlines our core skills, policies and guides to ensure every member stands ready for the mission ahead.

FM/BG-451 - Chemical warfare

Chemical warfare simulation involves using gas masks for protection against chemical threats, with their effectiveness depending on settings that determine how long you can go without a mask before experiencing negative effects. Gas masks require filters, which degrade over time and can be monitored and replaced via the ACE menu, using green stripes to indicate filter durability (each stripe represents 10% durability). Durability decreases in contaminated areas and can be adjusted in addon settings.

To detect contaminated areas, use a chemical detector, which emits a sound when entering a hazardous zone, even without active monitoring. The threat level, viewable by pressing “O” (pressing “O” twice toggles visibility), ranges from 0.0 to 1.0, with 1.0 indicating maximum danger.

Gas masks can also be fitted onto unconscious individuals through an ACE action targeting the head, automatically managing any existing face-wear by storing it in the inventory or dropping it if space is unavailable.

FM/BS-360 - Use atropine to counter chemical intoxication
  • Administer atropine to counter chemical intoxication
  • Limit frequency of consumption to no more than 4 times every 2 minutes to avoid overdosing
  • Be aware of side effects:
    • an increase in heart rate
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