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Assisted Ballistics
This group is not in a published chapter and should not be relied upon.

FM/BS-424 - Set up the ATragMX accurately by mission start

Input and confirm equipment information entered into the ATragMX, including:

  • rifle, scope and bullet information
  • any conversions needed to enter the ballistic coefficient in C1 or G1 format
  • use of the drop truing feature to refine ballistic coefficient
FM/BS-425 - Adjust the ATragMX to account for overwatch position environmentals

Measure using the Kestrel and enter readings for the following values as appropriate at each new firing position:

  • altitude
  • temperature
  • barometric pressure¬†
  • humidity¬†
FM/BS-426 - Modify wind readings from the Kestrel to input in the ATragMX

Measure wind readings using the Kestrel and convert them to enter into the ATragMX, including the following parameters:

  • an accurate reading of headwind velocities
  • a determination of wind direction, input in clockwise format
  • scaling headwind velocity readings as determined by wind direction
FM/BS-427 - Interpret ATragMX output and adjust your aiming point accordingly

Consider the limitations of the ATragMX suite alongside changes in environmentals as a bullet travels downrange and adjust ballistic solutions as appropriate.

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