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The FM outlines our core skills, policies and guides to ensure every member stands ready for the mission ahead.

FM/G9 - Sending a Contact Report

FM/BG-39 - What is a contact report?

A contact report is a way for any member of the unit to concisely communicate important information about the enemy in a standard way. Being able to concisely report enemy locations is a critical communication skill to have. The sooner we know about enemy positions, and the faster it is passed to the entire squad, the better our survivability will be and the more effective we will be at reacting to threats.

A contact report consists of several key elements that must be presented in a specific order for it to be effective.

FM/BS-40 - Give a structured Contact Report

1. ALERT: Begin with an alert pro-word. 

  • Use “Contact!” for entities in contact with the reporter
  • Use “Sighting!” for entities sighted but not in contact.

2. ORIENT: Provide direction using one of the following:

  • Relative direction (e.g. Front, Left, Right, Rear) if movement direction is established.
  • General compass bearing (e.g. South, South-east, South-south east).
  • Specific compass bearing in degrees for high precision (e.g., "BEARING 265").
  • Clock bearing for vehicle crews (e.g. "1 O'Clock"), though relative bearings are preferred.

3. DESCRIBE: Clearly and succinctly describe what you see (e.g. Infantry, Enemy patrol, APC, MBT, Machinegun nest).

4. EXPOUND: Give additional details such as:

  • Range (from general, e.g. "Close", to specific, e.g. "523 meters").
  • If only a relative bearing was initially given, provide a specific degree bearing.
  • Actions of the target (e.g. "They're flanking us").
  • Specific target positioning (e.g. "two soldiers on the roof, one in the building").

Example Contact Report: "Contact front! Enemy infantry in the open, bearing 210, three hundred meters!"

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