[OPORD] Operation Lebra (2018), Green Trident - UNITAF - Arma 3 MILSIM

Operation Lebra (2018), Green Trident

United Task Force
UNITAF Forces Ida-Viru Border Region
Lt Gen Chad P. Franks
MacDill Air Force Base Tampa, U.S.



Background Information
To encircle the city of Novaya Petrovka, US Ranger Forces deploy from Sakums airbase to secure critical locations in Grishino and the nearby castle, before moving to intercept any potential QRF from the enemy forces.

Friendly Forces
1x US Army Ranger Squad 1x M2 Humvee 1x Mk19 Humvee

Supporting Assets
A platoon of Rangers will be attempting to capture Novaya Petrovka during this operation. We should not have any contact with them until Ratnoe at which point they will be to our West, pushing East to link up with us.

Enemy Forces
Infantry Non Standard fighting vehicles Mechanised QRF expected west of Ratnoe


Rangers are tasked with securing the Eastern flank of Novaya Petrovka to cut off any QRF attempting to reinforce the city.

Rangers have cleared enemy positions up to Ratnoe and are holding the Eastern Flank until the city is captured by other teams.


Commander's Intent
In order to support the battle in Novaya Petrovka, STARLIGHT will move to the south of Grishino in order to do a quick patrol through town to verify reports that it has been cleared & evacuated by civilians, before moving East then North to the Chateau du Diable to clear out the castle and garrison. Once this has been acheived STARLIGHT will re-orient north-by-northwest to secure a small town on the enemy's main reinforcement route to the east flank of Novaya Petrovka, putting themselves into position to deal with any response from enemy forces.

Tasks and Sequencing
STARLIGHT will mount their designated vehicles at airbase Sakums and proceed south along the MSR before cutting east cross-country to reach another MSR, where they will travel north towards Grishino. 200m South of Grishino at waypoint Alpha (WP Alpha) - STARLIGHT 1-1 and 1-2 will dismount and proceed to clear through the town travelling North East with an element on each side of the MSR, while [vehicle callsigns] hold the line down the MSR During this clearing of the town Team Leads are authorised to take any doors they deem necessary and leave buildings that do not arouse suspicion. STARLIGHT 1-1 and 1-2 will reconvene with the vehicles on the northeast T-junction marked RV Alpha, mount up and head at high speed east along the MSR then north with the aim of getting to waypoint bravo and dismounting before being engaged by any patrols or enemy forces en route to the castle. At WP Bravo all callsigns will dismount and move as quickly as possible through the forest to the southeasternmost castle entrance. Once the breach has begun STARLIGHT callsigns will receive tasking as per the developing situation, [vehicle callsigns] will move into position to cover & secure the flanks of the castle as STARLIGHT pushes through inside to prevent any attempts from the enemy to encircle us. When the castle is secure all forces will mount up and proceed back south, then west via Grishino, and then north, before heading east along the main MSR coming from Novaya Petrovka until we find a small town along it, which we are to secure and then prepare for any incoming enemy QRF aiming to disrupt the battle going on in Novaya Petrovka.


In accordance with SOP

In accordance with SOP

Rules of Engagement
In accordance with SOP

Fire Support Plan
In accordance with SOP

Close Air Support
In accordance with SOP


Communications Plan
Callsign Primary Frequency Superior Frequency ACTUAL
STARLIGHT 1 250mHz 40mHz PFC ryyszla Squad Leader
STARLIGHT 1-1 251mHz 250mHz SPC Johannes Fireteam Leader
STARLIGHT 1-2 252mHz 250mHz Sgt Johnson Fireteam Leader
GROUNDHOG 3-1 271mHz 270mHz SPC Dreolic Light Vehicle Section Commander
GUARDIAN H 87mHz 37mHz SP2 Nico Senior Game Master
In accordance with SOP


TEAMSPEAK IP: ops.unitedtaskforce.net
GAME SERVER IP (Direct Connect): ops.unitedtaskforce.net
GAME SERVER PASSWORD: issued on Discord


FORM UP: 1800hrs UTC
STEP OFF: 1825hrs UTC
END-EX: 2000-2100hrs UTC APPROX
All are GMT/UTC


Equipment Checklist
The following combined equipment list is issued as part of approved kit lists and across relevant personnel.

Qty Item Weight
Primary weapons
3x Mk 18 Mod 1 (M320) 12kg
11x Mk 18 Mod 1 (AFG) 30kg
2x M249 PIP (Short/Savit) 14kg
2x Mk 18 Mod 1 5kg

4x B_AssaultPack_cbr Warning 0kg
3x B_Kitbag_cbr Warning 0kg
2x UK3CB_V_MBAV_MG_MULTI Warning 0kg
2x B_TacticalPack_oli Warning 0kg
2x tfw_ilbe_blade_mc Warning 0kg

Sidearm optics
14x AN/PEQ-15 Black (Top) 4kg

Weapon optics
16x TA31RCO-RMR 3kg
2x M145 MGO (ARD) 0kg

16x 30rnd PMAG M855A1 7kg
11x M397 HET Grenade Round 2kg
25x 17rnd Glock M882 FMJ 7kg
36x M83 Smoke Grenade (White) 7kg
26x M441 HE Grenade Round 6kg
4x 200rnd M249 Softpack M855A1 (Mixed) 8kg
10x 200rnd M249 Softpack M855A1 21kg
1x M67 Fragmentation Grenade 0kg
4x MAAWS HEAT 75 Round 11kg
2x Painkillers 0kg
4x M18 Smoke Grenade (Purple) 1kg
6x M18 Smoke Grenade (Orange) 1kg
2x 7rnd M1911 HP 0kg
8x .45 ACP 7Rnd M1911 Mag 2kg
2x MAAWS HEAT 55 Round 5kg

Secondary weapons
16x Glock 17 10kg
2x M1911A1 2kg

Other equipment
18x Crye Multicam Full II 16kg
1x JPC Multicam (Team Lead) 2kg
20x Map 2kg
3x GD300 Android 1kg
20x Radio 7kg
20x Compass 2kg
20x Watch 2kg
2x Ciras MultiCam 9kg
11x AFG Grip 5kg
9x JPC Multicam/w belt (Fast) 20kg
2x SAW Grip + Bipod 2kg
2x JPC Multicam/w belt (Medical) 5kg
1x JPC Multicam (Fast) 2kg
2x Crye Multicam Rolled III 2kg
2x JPC Mulitcam (Light) 7kg
2x Cable Tie 0kg
1x JPC Multicam/w belt (Light) 2kg

16x Binoculars 0kg
1x Vector 21 0kg

1x M136 (HEAT) 7kg
1x MAAWS Mk4 Mod 1 (Green) 7kg

Total Equipment: 258kg

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