[OPORD] Operation Lebra (2018), Vindication - UNITAF - Arma 3 MILSIM

Operation Lebra (2018), Vindication

United Task Force
UNITAF Forces Ida-Viru Border Region
Lt Gen Chad P. Franks
MacDill Air Force Base Tampa, U.S.



Background Information
Following the successful covert removal of command and logistics HVTs, as well as a significant softening of the enemy front lines, a Mechanized Ranger Platoon has been deployed to conduct a full offensive on Chernogorsk, with the aim of reclaiming the city and pushing ChDKZ forces out of the AO.

Friendly Forces

Enemy Forces
ChDKZ Regulars with significant Armor Assets. Enemy is in a defensive posture, attempting to move supplies from the city, and lacking significant command and control, but still has a potent force in the area, and strong motivation to defend the supplies they are transporting.


Capture of Chernogorsk, destruction of enemy assets and fortifications in AO.

Chernogorsk in the hands of US Coalition Forces, AA Battery disabled, ChDKZ presence in the AO at minimum levels.


Commander's Intent
Assault Chernogorsk, clearing major urban area of enemy installations and presence. Intelligence has identified 3 major priority targets within the AO. These are Objectives Alpha, Bravo and Charlie. Alpha is believed to be a fortified central command and processing location, and while enemy COC is disrupted, there is likely significant force still in the area, and potential for useful intelligence. Bravo is an enemy logistics operation based out of the Chernogorsk Port. It goes without saying, but destruction of these assets and disruption of their logistics chain will have multiplicative effect on their general readiness. Charlie is a fortified location that appears to have served as a ammo dump and supply base for enemy armor assets. Once Chernogorsk is successfully captured, there is an additional objective east along the coast, Objective Delta. Delta is an entrenched fortification and AA Battery; it has limited our use of AC-130 assets in the AO, and should be considered a high priority target, second only to the capture of Chernogorsk.

Tasks and Sequencing

Objectives Alpha, Bravo & Charlie

Platoon will proceed from Balota Airbase to Dismount Point West of Central Chernogorsk, after which general tasking is deceptively simple:
  • Hitman 1 is tasked with Sector Alpha/Objective Alpha. Maneuver through industrial area and jink north to assault the objective. Specific movement at the discretion of SL and threats as we find them.
  • Hitman 2 is tasked with Sector Bravo/Objective Bravo. Maneuver through Residential and Commercial area and assault objective. Specific movement at the discretion of SL and threats as we find them.
Upon successful completion of both objectives, Platoon will collapse east to Objective Charlie and assault this position from North and South.

Mechanized Support

Each Hitman Squad has a dedicated Bradley; Hitman 1 with Outlaw 1, Hitman 2 with Outlaw 2. Outlaw 3 is meant to provide oversight and support for both elements as needed. Command/Logistics Stryker will also straddle both objectives, and provide support, repair and additional medical aid where need arises. All vehicles are currently classed as medical, and each squad has a combat medic embedded, so more complex medical procedures can be completed on-location of the affected elements.

Objective Delta

If Chernogorsk has been pacified, and we still have capacity and supply to proceed, the platoon will remount on or near RV Julia, and proceed East towards Objective Delta. This AA installation is a high priority, and potentially dangerous to assault due to the fairly open terrain that must be crossed to achieve it. Movement plans shown below should be considered provisional, and may need to be adjusted once we have better on-ground intelligence and SA. It should be noted that the enemy is retreating towards Elektrozavodsk, and therefore has forces and assets to the east that could potentially be tasked as QRF. Additionally there is a very real possibility of enemy forces in the forests to the north. Provisional Assault plan is as follows: Platoon will dismount in or near Prigorodki. Hitman 1 is to hug the elevation and forest edge to the east for cover, Hitman 2 should proceed along the shoreline, making as much use of the limited defilade at the water's edge as possible. Bradley Vehicles should provide overwatch for both squads, and create diversions/smoke screens as possible if enemy contact begins suppression.


We are under great pressure to preserve civilian infrastructure, and as such, Bradley vehicles should avoid firing into city structures as much as possible, and only do this in an extreme emergency or if it has obviously been converted into a military installation.


Squad Bradleys have been loaded with supply boxes for resupply. Hitman 3/Section Command Bradley has the supplies for Infantry AT. Therefore, as always, it is important to report AT supply deficiencies up the COC as you discover them to insure timely availability.

In accordance with SOP

Rules of Engagement
In accordance with SOP

Fire Support Plan
In accordance with SOP

Close Air Support
In accordance with SOP


Communications Plan
Callsign Primary Frequency Superior Frequency ACTUAL
HITMAN 9 40mHz 37mHz SP1 Hotspur (Ret.) Platoon Leader
HITMAN 1 250mHz 40mHz SP3 Veagance Squad Leader
HITMAN 2 260mHz 40mHz PFC ryyszla Squad Leader
OUTLAW 1 362mHz 361mHz SPC Mattjamco APC/IFV Crewman (Commander)
OUTLAW 2 290mHz 361mHz SP2 Bomer APC/IFV Crewman (Commander)
OUTLAW 3 300mHz 361mHz SP1 Dreolic APC/IFV Section Commander
STARLIGHT H 87mHz 37mHz SSG Kevin Senior Game Master
In accordance with SOP


TEAMSPEAK IP: ops.unitedtaskforce.net
GAME SERVER IP (Direct Connect): ops.unitedtaskforce.net
GAME SERVER PASSWORD: issued on Discord


FORM UP: 1800hrs UTC
STEP OFF: 1825hrs UTC
END-EX: 2000-2100hrs UTC APPROX
All are GMT/UTC


Equipment Checklist
The following combined equipment list is issued as part of approved kit lists and across relevant personnel.

Qty Item Weight
Primary weapons
1x Mk 18 Mod 1 2kg
13x Mk 18 Mod 1 (AFG) 35kg
9x M4A1 26kg
7x Mk 18 Mod 1 (M320) 28kg
2x M249 PIP (Short/Savit) 14kg

6x tfw_ilbe_blade_mc Warning 0kg
1x tfw_ilbe_DD_coy Warning 0kg
3x B_Kitbag_cbr Warning 0kg
4x B_AssaultPack_cbr Warning 0kg
2x B_TacticalPack_oli Warning 0kg
2x B_Carryall_cbr Warning 0kg
2x UK3CB_V_MBAV_MG_MULTI Warning 0kg
1x tfw_ilbe_blade_coy Warning 0kg
1x B_Kitbag_sgg Warning 0kg

Sidearm optics
21x AN/PEQ-15 Black (Top) 6kg

Weapon optics
20x TA31RCO-RMR 4kg
9x M68 CCO 2kg
2x M145 MGO (ARD) 0kg

96x 30rnd PMAG M855A1 39kg
48x 17rnd Glock M882 FMJ 13kg
70x M83 Smoke Grenade (White) 13kg
10x 30rnd PMAG M856A1 (Tracer) 4kg
22x M397 HET Grenade Round 5kg
52x M441 HE Grenade Round 12kg
2x Painkillers 0kg
6x M18 Smoke Grenade (Purple) 1kg
2x FGM-148 Missile 26kg
10x 200rnd M249 Softpack M855A1 21kg
4x 200rnd M249 Softpack M855A1 (Mixed) 8kg
5x 7rnd M1911 HP 1kg
20x .45 ACP 7Rnd M1911 Mag 5kg
1x M433 HEDP Grenade Round 0kg
2x M713 Red Smoke Round 0kg
4x Ammonium Carbonate 0kg

Secondary weapons
32x Glock 17 20kg
5x M1911A1 5kg

Other equipment
32x Crye Multicam Full II 29kg
2x JPC Multicam/w belt (Communications) 5kg
37x Map 3kg
1x Rugged Tablet 3kg
37x Radio 13kg
37x Compass 3kg
37x Watch 3kg
13x AFG Grip 6kg
17x JPC Multicam/w belt (Fast) 39kg
2x Toolkit 7kg
8x GD300 Android 2kg
2x JPC Multicam (Team Lead) 5kg
4x Ciras MultiCam 18kg
3x JPC Multicam/w belt (Medical) 8kg
2x JPC Multicam (Fast) 5kg
2x SAW Grip + Bipod 2kg
5x Crye Multicam Rolled III 5kg
5x JPC Mulitcam (Light) 18kg

4x Vector 21 0kg
30x Binoculars 0kg

2x FGM-148 Javelin 10kg
2x M136 (HEAT) 13kg

Muzzle attachments
1x TA31RCO-RMR 0kg

Total Equipment: 487kg

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