[OPORD] Operation Daesh Dawn, Fallen Resolve - UNITAF - Arma 3 MILSIM

Operation Daesh Dawn, Fallen Resolve

United Task Force
UNITAF Forces Diyala
Lt Gen Chad P. Franks
MacDill Air Force Base Tampa, U.S.



Background Information
After nearly 12 months since UNITAF forces departed Diyala, Iraq, an airborne company from the International Task Force arrives back at FOB Ishaqi for its 6-month rotation. However, not more than 2 hours on the ground, a routine British Army armored patrol is ambushed on the outskirts of Kahn Bani Saad, which is controlled by ISIS. With the loss of 2 Warriors confirmed and a third hanging in the balance, UNITAF's Quick Reaction Force is deployed to safely exfiltrate 12 known survivors who have reached Al Ubaidy and made contact with recon units and to recover Warriors IFVs and 4 crewmen, currently MIA - before ISIS can capture them, as trophies or worse. Landing east of Jarahh Hill due to anti-air threat, once our QRF can secure a route a pair of Wildcats will provide Close Air Support to enable a swift and safe execution of the recovery plan.

Friendly Forces
Airborne QRF Consisting of; 1x Light Infantry Platoon 1x Sniper Forward Reconnaissance Team 2x Wildcat AH1 CAS 1x Merlin HC3 Transport

Supporting Assets
Additional friendly forces are located between FOB Ishaqi and Khan Bani Saad Airfield. Iraqi Forces are based out of Khan Bani Saad Airfield and have multiple installations of which the latest positions have been provided. The civilian population in Al Ubaidy is neither supportive of ISIS nor the Iraqi Government and is mostly indifferent to our presence, however we suspect that there may be supporters of either side living or embedded there.

Enemy Forces
ISIS forces are in control of Kahn Bani Saad and we believe that our surviving force was able to deal with much of the ambushing force. However ISIS forces are expected to move rapidly from KBS towards our survivors. KBS has a significant AA capability and it's approximate threat zone has been marked based on Iraqi intelligence. The enemy are known to use a mix of conventional and asymmetric tactics and we would expect enemy marksmen, indiscriminate use of RPG as well as up to 100-150 fighters supported by a mix of light technical to lightly armoured vehicles to respond within the planned window of this mission. There is a medium-low chance of VBIED, and suicide attacks.


Rescue and recover survivors of a successful ambush on a British mechanised infantry patrol and recover or deny the enemy the use of any remaining equipment. Ensure all survivors are treated and returned to Field Hospitals and that any KIA are returned and not left in enemy hands.

Exfiltrate before nightfall and before our position is overwhelmed or the enemy is able to mount a significant counter-attack.


Commander's Intent
The purpose is to assemble a quick response force to save the lives of friendly troops ambushed and destroy assets to deny them from the enemy

Tasks and Sequencing
PHASE 0 Venom 1 and VIGIL 8 Will board Viper 5 and move to LZ-Alpha And setup a Observation point near LZ - Bravo. VIGIL 8 Wil secure and mark LZ- Bravo for follow on elements. this Element should be in the AO before the other elements start to mount. VIGIL Elements will mount Viper 5-1 's Merlin and move to LZ- Bravo and dismount. PHASE 1 Platoon will move in a platoon wedge with VIGIL 1 taking point VIGIL 2 Wil take the left side andVIGIL 3will take the right side. Upon contact VIGIL 1 will provide BOF While VIGIL 2 proceeds to flank. VIGIL 3 will add towards the BOF Al Ubaidy is neutral to all factions so we do not except a garrisoned force . there might be sympathizers who might try to slow us down. This must not be happening. Speed and initiative is key in this phase. Upon reaching OBJ-A we will provide security and provide aid towards the survivors. Venom Wil provide over watch and intel gathering. Weapons green on any Force multipliers that is a threat for VIGIL or the survivors. PHASE 2 Once OBJ- A has been secured the survivors will be moving outside the AA threat area and be airlifted VIGIL 8 is designated with this task. All VIGIL Elements will be moving towards OBJ- B and secure the ambush site VIGIL 6 will Deny any friendly warriors that are at the location. VIGIL 7 Wil check KIA and body bag them. VIGIL 2 Will be responsible for finding a way to transport the body bags to a safe LZ. PHASE 3 Upon completion all elements will disengage Squad by squad under control of VIGIL 9 and get towards a safe EXFIL LZ decided by VIGIL 8 Extraction via Viper 5-1 VENOM Wil be extracted by VIPER 5


ALL CALLSIGNS will cross the LD fully loaded according to the units SOP. These supplies will come from the staging area. This basic load is expected to sustain the team throughout the mission, without support.

- Medical support will be conducted in field (PAK in Field)

Rules of Engagement
Ground elements do not have the ability to process CPERS deal According to SOP

Fire Support Plan
In accordance with SOP

Close Air Support
CAS provided byVenom 5 and authorized via VIGIL 8 in accordance with SOP.


Communications Plan
Callsign Primary Frequency Superior Frequency ACTUAL
VIGIL 9 40mHz 37mHz SSG Kevin Platoon Leader
VIGIL 1 250mHz 40mHz SP3 Veagance Squad Leader
VIGIL 2 260mHz 40mHz SP3 Noah_Hero Squad Leader
VIGIL 3 270mHz 40mHz Squad Leader
VANGUARD H 87mHz 37mHz Maj James Senior Game Master
Succesion of command will be -VIGIL 1 -VIGIL 2 -VIGIL 3


TEAMSPEAK IP: ops.unitedtaskforce.net
GAME SERVER IP (Direct Connect): ops.unitedtaskforce.net
GAME SERVER PASSWORD: issued on Discord


FORM UP: 1900hrs UTC
STEP OFF: 1925hrs UTC
END-EX: 2100-2200hrs UTC APPROX
All are GMT/UTC


Equipment Checklist
The following combined equipment list is issued as part of approved kit lists and across relevant personnel.

Qty Item Weight
Primary weapons
10x L85A2 with L123A3 HWS 53kg
14x L85A2 RIS 53kg
6x FN Minimi Para (RIS) 41kg
4x L22A2 13kg
2x L115A3 (Sand) 12kg
2x L129A1 9kg
1x L85A2 RIS (Tan Rail Covers) 4kg

5x tfw_ilbe_blade_coy Warning 0kg
1x tfw_ilbe_whip_coy Warning 0kg
3x UK3CB_BAF_B_Kitbag_MTP Warning 0kg
5x B_AssaultPack_cbr Warning 0kg
4x tfw_ilbe_DD_coy Warning 0kg
2x UK3CB_BAF_TA648_308 Warning 0kg
1x UK3CB_BAF_B_Bergen_MTP_Engineer_H_A Warning 0kg

Weapon optics
34x SUSAT L9A1 6kg
1x Trijicon ACOG TA31F 0kg

28x 5.56mm 30rnd Mag 11kg
1x 40mm Red Smoke (L123) 0kg
5x 40mm Blue Smoke (L123) 1kg
4x M18 Smoke Grenade (Blue) 1kg
44x 5.56mm 30rnd Tracer Mag 18kg
20x M18 Smoke Grenade (Red) 4kg
1x Designator Batteries 0kg
81x 40mm HE Grenade Round (L123) 15kg
55x 17rnd Glock M882 FMJ 15kg
62x 100rnd M249 Softpack M855A1 (Mixed) 76kg
15x Painkillers 1kg
6x M18 Smoke Grenade (Purple) 1kg
4x M83 Smoke Grenade (White) 1kg
2x M67 Fragmentation Grenade 1kg
32x .338 5rnd Mag 12kg
12x .338 5rnd Tracer Mag 4kg
2x 7.62mm 20rnd Mag 1kg
4x 7.62mm 20rnd Tracer Mag 3kg
1x 30rnd PMAG M855A1 0kg

33x Combat Uniform MTP [BAF] 60kg
8x Rolled Shirt MTP [BAF] 15kg

Other equipment
1x Map Tools 0kg
43x Map 4kg
5x GD300 Android 1kg
41x Radio 15kg
41x Compass 4kg
41x Watch 4kg
88x Tourniquet (CAT) 4kg
6x MicroDAGR 2kg
6x SAW Bipod 5kg
4x Splint 0kg
2x Painkillers 0kg
2x Earplugs 0kg
4x Cable Tie 0kg
12x Bandage (Packing) 1kg
12x Bandage (QuikClot) 1kg
2x Range Card 0kg
2x Earplugs 0kg
2x Folding-grip and Harris Bipod 1kg
1x Kestrel 4500NV 0kg
1x Grip-pod (Desert) 0kg

Body armor
6x Osprey Mk4 MTP SL (A) [BAF] 22kg
3x Osprey Mk4 MTP SL (D) [BAF] 11kg
6x Osprey Mk4 MTP SL (C) [BAF] 22kg
6x Osprey Mk4 MTP MG (B) [BAF] 22kg
6x Osprey Mk4 MTP Rifleman (C) [BAF] 22kg
3x Osprey Mk4 MTP Medic (D) [BAF] 11kg
4x Osprey Mk4 MTP Rifleman (E) [BAF] 15kg
4x Pilot Vest MTP [BAF] 15kg
2x Osprey Mk4 MTP Marksman [BAF] 7kg
1x Osprey Mk4 MTP Rifleman (F) [BAF] 4kg

5x Vector 21 Nite 0kg
1x AN/PEQ-1 SOFLAM 0kg
14x Binoculars 0kg

Secondary weapons
18x Glock 17 11kg
1x L131A1 1kg

6x M136 (HEDP) 40kg

Head protection
4x HGU-56/P (Olive/Visor) 7kg
2x Helmet Mk7 MTP Scrim (E) [BAF] 2kg

Total Equipment: 685kg

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