[OPORD] Operation Everglade (1984), Die Rache (Part II) - UNITAF - Arma 3 MILSIM

Operation Everglade (1984), Die Rache (Part II)

United Task Force
UNITAF Forces Norway
Lt Gen Chad P. Franks
MacDill Air Force Base Tampa, U.S.



Background Information
Following considerable losses during their first push through the Soviet frontline, Bundeswehr mechanized forces begin a renewed assault against enemy positions in Southern Rosche.

Friendly Forces
Mechanized Platoon: 1 x Headquarters Element 2 x Infantry Squad 1 x Vehicle Section Consisting of: 2 x M2A2 Bradley (Lend-Leased) 1 x M113A3 CPV 1 x M113A3 CRV 1 x M113A3 MEV 2 x M113A3 (M2 Browning Pintle) Reinforced by: 1 x Heeresflieger Special Forces detachment

Supporting Assets
Friendly armoured infantry forces stationed in Hanstedt to the North, currently recuperating after an easier offensive to capture key positions in the Hanstedt region.

Enemy Forces
Soviet Motorized and Mechanized forces entrenched inside towns along the Southern front. Rotary and Fixed-Wing close air support available within the region, along with Soviet special forces operating within the woodland areas to the North of the region.


• Neutralise enemy garrisons and support units within the villages in Southern Rosche. • Suppression or destruction of enemy air defence units at objective Dresden. • Neutralise enemy camps and soviet special forces units within the Northern woodlands. • Capture of the enemy regional headquarters Wellendorf.

Successful mission state will involve the completion of all the above objectives, or at least the encirclement of Wellendorf. In the event of mission failure, all friendly units should attempt to regroup with friendly units in Rassau.


Commander's Intent
The purpose of this mission is to relieve the pressure off friendly units in the Hanstedt region, by punching through the Soviet frontline and clearing out enemy forces and support units in the Southern villages. Including the capture of the enemy regional headquarters in Wellendorf.

Tasks and Sequencing
STAGING: ALL CALLSIGNS will carry out final equipment and readiness checks and then assemble at RP-0 for briefing. PHASE 1: After briefing, Knight callsigns will mount up in the following order: KNIGHT 1 will embark onboard ROOK 2. KNIGHT 2 will embark onboard ROOK 3. KNIGHT 3 will embark split teams onboard both ROOK 9 and ROOK 1. The convoy will then depart from Lehmke towards the STAGING POINTS in order of: ROOK 9 ROOK 1 ROOK 2 ROOK 3 KNIGHT 6 KNIGHT 5 After departing from Lehmke, Knight elements will begin manoeuvring towards their respective staging points: KNIGHT 1 will move and hold at SP1. KNIGHT 2 will move and hold at SP2. KNIGHT 3 will move and hold at SP3. UPON INSTRUCTION FROM THE FIELD LEADER, ALL KNIGHT CALLSIGNS WILL BEGIN ASSAULTING THROUGH OBJ HAMBURG IN THE FOLLOWING SEQUENCE: ROOK 2 and ROOK 3 will move and dismount infantry at DP ALPHA KNIGHT 1 will clear through sectors A8-A9-A10-A11. KNIGHT 2 will clear through sectors A4-A5-A6-A7. KNIGHT 3 will clear through sectors A1-A2-A3. ROOK CALLSIGNS will manoeuvre at the discretion of KNIGHT 7 and ROOK 9, to assist friendly infantry units where needed, primary duty will be the neutralisation of any enemy vehicle assets and fortified positions. All units shall proceed no further than phase line Alfa until all sectors in OBJ HAMBURG have been cleared. PHASE 2A: KNIGHT 1 and KNIGHT 2 will continue movement eastward towards OBJ MUNICH, preparing to assault from WP1 and WP2 respectively, and will clear through the objective in the shown order: KNIGHT 1 will clear through sectors B4-B5. KNIGHT 2 will clear through sectors B1-B2-B3. ROOK CALLSIGNS will provide direct support as infantry elements advance. All units shall proceed no further than phase line Bravo until all sectors in OBJ MUNICH are clear. PHASE 2B: KNIGHT 3 shall manoeuvre North-East towards OBJ GAMMA, to search and destroy enemy units and encampments hidden within the woodlands. Activity is most prominent around the hamlet near the centre of OBJ GAMMA. An effort should be made to inspect camps for any gatherable intelligence. Soviet special forces are suspected to be operating within this region, so extra caution should be observed. PHASE 3A: After clearing Klein Pretzier, KNIGHT 1 and KNIGHT 2 will move South-East towards their respective waypoints, OBJ DRESDEN will then be cleared in the following manner: KNIGHT 1 will clear the buildings in sector C1. KNIGHT 2 will clear the camp at C2. ROOK CALLSIGNS will provide direct support as infantry elements advance. All units shall proceed no further than phase line Charlie until both sectors are clear and all enemy air defence equipment is destroyed or disabled. Once the area is clear, all units shall assemble at RP Muller and then move North along the marked route to regroup with KNIGHT 3 at DP Bravo. PHASE 3B: KNIGHT 3 will move North-East towards OBJ OMEGA, to search and destroy enemy units and encampments hidden within the woodlands. Enemy mortar units are expected to be operating within the woodland area around this hillside as reported by friendly units in Rassau. Upon clearing OBJ OMEGA, KNIGHT 3 shall suitably position themselves and perform reconnaissance on the forward enemy positions around OBJ X-Ray to the North. Friendly artillery support should be called against fortified enemy positions and vehicles that attacking friendly units towards Rassau. Once the remainder of Knight regroups at DP Bravo, all units shall resupply and preparations shall be made for the final phase of the operation. PHASE 4: The climax of the operation will involve the assault on the enemy regional headquarters inside OBJ BERLIN, the enemy is expected to be well entrenched with mechanized support, as well as the possible support of a heavy armour platoon. Friendly units will move towards their respective waypoints and prepare to assault OBJ Berlin, the assault will be conducted as follows: KNIGHT 1 will clear through sectors D7-D8-D9-D10-D11. KNIGHT 2 will clear through sectors D1-D2-D3-D4. KNIGHT 3 will flank North and clear through sectors D6-D5-D12. ROOK CALLSIGNS will assist where necessary, primary duty will be to neutralise enemy armoured assets and fortified positions. The enemy headquarters is suspected to be in or near sector D5. It is understood that once the regional headquarters fall, the enemy forces at OBJ X-Ray will either flee or surrender. However in the event of continued resistance, both KNIGHT and ROOK callsigns will formulate a plan in-field to clear out the remaining enemy forces. Once objectives Berlin and X-Ray are secure, ALL CALLSIGNS shall regroup and debrief in-field.


Infantry sustainment will be carried onboard the ROOK callsigns attached to the vehicle section, all team leaders shall ensure that they have adequate reserve ammunition and medical supplies carried onboard their assigned vehicles before commencing the operation. In-field vehicle maintenance, repair and sustainment will be coordinated by KNIGHT 7, and carried out by the platoon's engineering detachment, KNIGHT 5. In the event of sustainment or vehicle loss, emergency supplies and replacement vehicles can be requested from the company headquarters in Lehmke, coordinated through KNIGHT 9.

Emergency medical care will be provided by the platoon's medic, callsign KNIGHT 6, and coordinated through KNIGHT 9. A medical vehicle will be available to provide PAKs to injured personnel. IN THE EVENT OF SEVERE MASCAS OF FRIENDLY UNITS, EMERGENCY CASEVAC MAY BE REQUESTED FROM MEDICAL UNITS STATIONED IN LEHMKE, HOWEVER THEY MAY TAKE SOME TIME TO REACH THE SITE. ADEQUATELY PROTECTED CASUALTY COLLECTION POINTS SHOULD BE ARRANGED AND COORDINATED WITH THE MOST SENIOR LEADERSHIP ELEMENT, in accordance with the succession of command.

Rules of Engagement
In accordance with SOP

Fire Support Plan
Friendly 82mm mortars at Hanstedt and 155mm field artillery guns at FOB Aufhocker are ready to provide fire support and will be coordinated through KNIGHT 7 and KNIGHT 3. The fire support chief at FOB Aufhocker can be contacted on Long Range Frequency, 85Hz, callsign STEEL RAIN.

Close Air Support
In accordance with SOP


Communications Plan
Callsign Primary Frequency Superior Frequency ACTUAL
KNIGHT 9 40mHz 37mHz Sgt Jenkins Platoon Leader
KNIGHT 1 250mHz 40mHz SPC Edoardo Squad Leader
KNIGHT 2 260mHz 40mHz SP3 Scape Squad Leader
KNIGHT 3 270mHz 40mHz 1Lt WhiteWolf SF Team Leader
ROOK 9 361mHz 37mHz SP3 Phili APC/IFV Section Commander
ROOK 1 362mHz 361mHz SPC Aynzerwulv APC/IFV Crewman (Commander)
ROOK 2 290mHz 361mHz SPC Johannes APC/IFV Crewman (Commander)
ROOK 3 300mHz 361mHz 2Lt Zuka APC/IFV Crewman (Commander)
CHECKMATE H 87mHz 37mHz SP3 Adshield Senior Game Master


TEAMSPEAK IP: ops.unitedtaskforce.net
GAME SERVER IP (Direct Connect): ops.unitedtaskforce.net
GAME SERVER PASSWORD: issued on Discord


FORM UP: 1700hrs UTC
STEP OFF: 1725hrs UTC
END-EX: 1900-2000hrs UTC APPROX
All are GMT/UTC


Equipment Checklist
The following combined equipment list is issued as part of approved kit lists and across relevant personnel.

Qty Item Weight
Primary weapons
16x G3A3 70kg
2x G3A3 (Widegrip) 9kg
2x MG3 24kg
10x Uzi 18kg

10x cwr3_b_backpack_radio Warning 0kg
7x cwr3_b_backpack_alice Warning 0kg
2x SP_Backpack_CarlGustavCarrier Warning 0kg

18x 7.62mm 20Rnd G3 Mag 10kg
30x 9mm 16Rnd CZ 75 Mag 8kg
4x M67 Fragmentation Grenade 2kg
12x M83 Smoke Grenade (White) 2kg
12x M18 Smoke Grenade (Red) 2kg
4x 7.62mm 20Rnd G3 (Red tracer) Mag 2kg
12x 7.62mm 120Rnd MG-3 (Red TE4) Box 26kg
8x Carl Gustaf HEAT 25kg
4x M18A1 Claymore 4kg
10x 32Rnd 9x19 UZI 5kg
18x M18 Smoke Grenade (Orange) 3kg

Secondary weapons
10x CZ 75 10kg

18x 60Pat. Combats OD/Lightweight 33kg
2x 60Pat. Combats OD 4kg
4x 60Pat. Aertex Shirt/Combats OD/Khaki 7kg

Other equipment
2x Map Tools 0kg
2x ALICE Gear (Officer) 1kg
34x Map 3kg
23x Radio 8kg
34x Compass 3kg
34x Watch 3kg
40x Cable Tie 2kg
3x ALICE Gear (E-Tool) 2kg
1x Wirecutter 1kg
9x ALICE Gear (Autorifleman) 6kg
2x G3SG1 bipod 1kg
8x Bandage (Packing) 0kg
2x ALICE Gear (Rifleman) 1kg
2x ALICE Gear (Machinegunner) 1kg
2x ALICE Gear (Light) 1kg
10x GER Pilot Coveralls 9kg
4x Earplugs 0kg

22x Binoculars 0kg

Weapon optics
2x Leupold Mark 4 10x40mm LR/T 1kg
2x MAAWS optical sight 1kg

2x Carl Gustaf M2 17kg

Body armor
4x 58 Pattern NBC Pouch 4kg

Total Equipment: 329kg

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