[OPORD] Operation Vertex, Day 8 - UNITAF - Arma 3 MILSIM

Operation Vertex, Day 8

United Task Force
UNITAF Forces Finland
Lt Gen Chad P. Franks
MacDill Air Force Base Tampa, U.S.



Background Information
UNITAF success in neutralising Nationalist presence toward the South coast of the Chernarus region has led to UEF forces being stretched thin in the North. Russian-backed ChDKZ forces have noticed this and taken advantage, pushing into the unclaimed Northern territory and seizing land. A UEF Combat Outpost at Devil's Castle- named COP Hades- has been taken by ChDKZ forces and drone footage has revealed AA sites being assembled. Since we cannot afford a hostile presence so close to our Airbase, UNITAF will mobilise a large force to push out East and take several objectives with the intent of pushing ChDKZ forces back into Russian-claimed territory whilst acting as a show of force to prevent further incursions towards UEF land.

Friendly Forces
1x Airborne Infantry Platoon -- 2x Rifle Squads -- 1x Weapons Squad 1x Command Element with FAC and PltSgt 2x FAC MRAP 4x4 1x MEDICAL MRAP 2x A-10-C 1x UH-60 MERT 6x MH-6 on Standby

Supporting Assets
UEF troops will move to hold COP Hades once UNITAF teams move back to Johnston Airbase for ENDEX.

Enemy Forces
ChDKZ are expected to field heavy armour and helicopters alongside a large ground troop presence. Nationalists are dug in around Gvozdno with their usual equipment, but with only a light garrison in comparison to their Southern pockets.


UNITAF will be tasked with securing COP Hades along with the Nationalist town of Gvozdno and the Oil Fields to the North. Heavy enemy reinforcements are expected so this deployment will also act as a show of force to the Russian-backed ChDKZ. Most civilians have evacuated due to sporadic firefights between the Nationalists and ChDKZ but some may remain hidden so wanton collateral destruction is forbidden. Primary Tasking -Secure the military-held objectives East of UEF territory; -Secure COP Hades -Secure the Oil Fields -Secure Gvozdno -Secure the Nationalist FOB at Gvozdno. -Destroy ChDKZ reinforcements pushing toward UEF territory. Secondary Tasking -Secure intelligence on ChDKZ forces and take POWs where possible. -Evacuate any civilians caught in the fighting.


Commander's Intent
The purpose of this mission, is to repel a ChDKZ advance on UEF territory and to deny them the capture of key installations in Nationalist Claim Zone (NCZ). The intent is to do so with maximum impact on ChDKZ forces to deter any future operations against UEF territory. In doing so the minimum damage to buildings and facilities, and while protecting the lives of civilians and EPOWs.

Tasks and Sequencing
Phase 1 Re-capture of COP Hades All OUTLAW callsigns to move on-foot from Johnson Air Base. - Outlaw 1: Move in formation, joint assault from assigned Sector (North) - Outlaw 2: Move in formation, joint assault from assigned Sector (South) - Outlaw 3: Move in formation, joint assault from assigned Sector (West) - Outlaw 9: Move behind formation. - GROUNDHOG: Grounded due to AA - GUARDIAN: Grounded due to AA, Medical MRAP as Backup Phase 2 Hold and Reinforce COP Hades, Re-capture Oil Fields EXPECT heavy enemy push from Eastern MSRs. - Outlaw 1: Move north, establish an OP to RECCE Oil Fields, report in, assault, capture - Outlaw 2: Provide 360 security at COP Hades, prepare to move north to assist at Oil Fields - Outlaw 3: Hold COP Hades, monitor East for Enemy Movement toward ChDKZ Border - Outlaw 9: Observe Phase 2 AO, ensure FAC is in position for CAS - GROUNDHOG: Ensure one air-frame is airborne at all time, on standby to West of Johnston Airbase for CAS as requested by OUTLAW 9 JULIETT - GUARDIAN: On-standby both airborne and MRAP, stationed from Johnston or COP Hades. Phase 3 Secure Gvosdno, Nationalist FOB - Outlaw 1 & 2 on Clearance Duties - Outlaw 3 to Establish Base of Fires - All other callsigns Supporting


All teams should step off from JAB with TACSOP loadings, All teams with the exception of OUTLAW 1 can keep load carry below 32kgs due to early LOGPAK planned at COP Hades. OUTLAW 1 will miss this LOGPAK due to RECCE tasking at PHASE 2. The Platoon Sergeant will coordinate an early LOGPAK at COP Hades in Phase 1 and into Phase 2 tasking, including a full LOGPAK for all teams being readied at COP Hades as required. Outlaw 3 will be sustained by the PltSgt at their Base of Fire position. Phase 2, Phase 3 LOGPAK will be moved from COP Hades to forward positions as and when teams secure forward positions.

The primary method of MEDIVAC is the airborne Medical Emergency Response Team (MERT) CS: GUARDIAN, through the Company Forward Air Controller. The secondary method of MEDIVAC is the ground based MRAP Medical team CS: GUARDIAN, again through the Company RADOP.

Rules of Engagement
EPWs must be turned over to COP Hades for evacuation.

Fire Support Plan
In accordance with SOP

Close Air Support
Close Air Support provided by the USAF is available through the Company Forward Air Controller OUTLAW 9J in the form of a flight of A10-C.


Communications Plan
Callsign Primary Frequency Superior Frequency ACTUAL
OUTLAW 9 40mHz 37mHz Maj James Platoon Leader
OUTLAW 1 250mHz 40mHz PFC Trifle (Ret.) Squad Leader
OUTLAW 1-1 251mHz 250mHz SP3 Trustii (Ret.) Fireteam Leader
OUTLAW 1-2 252mHz 250mHz Pvt majkel Fireteam Leader
OUTLAW 2 260mHz 40mHz SPC Deksterus Squad Leader
OUTLAW 2-1 261mHz 260mHz PFC Cross (Ret.) Fireteam Leader
OUTLAW 2-2 262mHz 260mHz PFC Pete (Ret.) Fireteam Leader
OUTLAW 3 270mHz 40mHz SP3 Link (Ret.) Squad Leader
GUARDIAN 9 60mHz 37mHz MSP Nomad Rotary Crew Chief (General)
WARLOCK 4 70mHz 43mHz SPC Mattjamco Senior Game Master
Succession of Command The succession of command is the PltCO, PltSgt, Outlaw 1 SL, 2 SL, 3SL and then by rank. The Ground Forces Commander will be BF Tracked as OUTLAW 9 ACTUAL and located centrally between OUTLAW 1, 2, 3. Signal - Green Smoke: Friendly Position - Purple Smoke: MCI - White Smoke: Concealment - Red Smoke: CAS Target Identification


TEAMSPEAK IP: ops.unitedtaskforce.net
GAME SERVER IP (Direct Connect): ops.unitedtaskforce.net
GAME SERVER PASSWORD: issued on Discord


FORM UP: 1800hrs UTC
STEP OFF: 1825hrs UTC
END-EX: 2000-2100hrs UTC APPROX
All are GMT/UTC


Equipment Checklist
The following combined equipment list is issued as part of approved kit lists and across relevant personnel.

Qty Item Weight
Primary weapons
11x M4A1 PIP (M320) 48kg
15x M4A1 44kg
1x M4A1 Block II (Black Rail) 3kg
4x FN Minimi SPW 28kg
2x M240B 25kg
1x Mk 11 Mod 0 (Woodland) 4kg

2x UK3CB_BAF_B_Bergen_DPMT_JTAC_H_A Warning 0kg
1x UK3CB_BAF_B_Bergen_OLI_JTAC_H_A Warning 0kg
3x UK3CB_BAF_B_Bergen_DPMW_SL_A Warning 0kg
2x UK3CB_B_B_Radio_Backpack Warning 0kg
1x rhsusf_acc_eotech_552 Warning 0kg
2x UK3CB_BAF_B_Bergen_DPMT_JTAC_A Warning 0kg
5x UK3CB_BAF_B_Bergen_DPMW_Rifleman_B Warning 0kg
5x VSM_M81_carryall Warning 0kg
2x VSM_M81_Backpack_Kitbag Warning 0kg

Sidearm optics
30x AN/PEQ-15 11kg
1x AN/PEQ-16A (Laser) 0kg

Weapon optics
32x TA31RCO-RMR 6kg

27x 30rnd STANAG M855A1 11kg
11x M433 HEDP Grenade Round 2kg
124x AN-M8HC White Smoke 51kg
52x M84 Stun Grenade 12kg
22x M18 Purple Smoke Grenade 12kg
3x Designator Batteries 1kg
2x M18 Yellow Smoke Grenade 1kg
10x 17rnd Glock Mk243 JHP 3kg
2x M18 Smoke Grenade (Green) 0kg
40x 30rnd PMAG M856A1 (Tracer) 16kg
20x 200rnd M249 Box M855A1 (Mixed) 47kg
2x 100rnd M240 Box M80 3kg
8x 100rnd M240 Box M62 (Tracer) 12kg
2x FGM-148 Missile 26kg
3x FIM-92F 16kg
4x 20rnd SR-25 M118 3kg
2x 20rnd SR-25 M62 (Tracer) 1kg

Secondary weapons
36x Glock 17 23kg

1x [VSM] Crye G3 (M81 + OD Shirt) 2kg
34x [VSM] Crye G3 (M81) 54kg
2x Pilot Coveralls [NATO] 7kg

Body armor
11x [VSM] M81 LBT6094 (Operator) 25kg
15x [VSM] M81 Paraclete RAV(Operator) 34kg
6x [VSM] M81 LBT6094 (Gunner) 14kg

31x Binoculars 0kg
1x Laser Designator (Olive) 0kg
1x Vector 21 Nite 0kg

Other equipment
37x Map 3kg
32x GD300 Android 7kg
34x Radio 12kg
37x Compass 3kg
37x Watch 3kg
3x Rugged Tablet 8kg
2x AN/PRC-152 1kg
1x M952V 0kg
1x AFG Grip 0kg
2x Personal Aid Kit 1kg
2x [VSM] M81 DT FAPC (Operator) 5kg
1x Helmet Camera 0kg
1x Harris Bipod 0kg
1x GPS 0kg

4x M136 (HEAT) 27kg
1x FGM-148 Javelin 5kg
1x FIM-92F 4kg

Muzzle attachments
1x AAC 762-SDN-6 (cover) 0kg
1x Mk. 4 M5 (MRDS) 0kg

Night vision
1x Rhino mount 0kg

Total Equipment: 624kg

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