[OPORD] Operation Typhoon (2014), Sea Devil - UNITAF - Arma 3 MILSIM

Operation Typhoon (2014), Sea Devil

United Task Force
UNITAF Forces Jamaica
Lt Gen Chad P. Franks
MacDill Air Force Base Tampa, U.S.



Background Information
The Russians have fabricated a coup on the Democratic Republic of Sahrani (DRS) and ousted the democratically elected government replacing it with a puppet regime run by the military called the Sahrani Military Junta (SMJ), they have deployed Russian personnel and ballistic missiles on the island in a never seen precedent since the Cuban missile crisis in the cold war. The US cannot stand idly by as Russia stations ballistic missiles that can reach the mainland US, the Russians have ignored warnings and sanctions and all diplomatic channels have failed. Due to this the USMC will be deployed off the coast of Sahrani by a USN carrier strike group, to put boots on the ground and to free the country from the tyrannical grips of the Sahrani Military Junta (SMJ) and to end the immediate threat this brazen regime has become to the US Mainland.

Friendly Forces
Infantry Platoon x1 Weapons Platoon x1 AH-1Z x1 UH-60M MEV (ESS) x1 CH-53E (Cargo) x1 AAVP-7A1 x2 LAV-25 x2 LAV-C2 (Command LAV) x1

Supporting Assets

Enemy Forces
Hostile weapons & equipment is made up of mostly Russian assets. Infantry with AT/AA equipment Transport Vehicles & MRAPs APC/IFVs Low Number of MBTs Armed & Transport Helicopters Static Anti-Personnel/Material Weapons AA Vehicles


To free the island of Rahmadi from the SMJ, so that the USMC can utilise the airfield on the island to support future operations including invading the main island of Sahrani.

Island of Rahmadi is secure & safely in the hands of the USMC.


Tasks and Sequencing
Sierra 9 will assault OBJ1A And take the AA position and secure any possible intel After completing OBJ1A Sierra will Assault Either OBJ2A or OBJ2B depending on enemy position When both objectives secured Sierra will follow the yellow lines and clear the east side of the island with their final Objective the SLA field HQ Whiskey 9 tasking will be to assault OBJB and secure and hold that position and look for any intel. Secondary Objective will be to Secure OBJE2B and push in too OBJ3 and be in support for OBJ4 where Sierra will take point


Logpak and repair will be done by Pavement and coordinate by Quickdraw.

Primary medevac will be done by MERT team

Rules of Engagement
In accordance with SOP

Fire Support Plan
In accordance with SOP

Close Air Support
Close air support will be provided by Hunter via Quickdraw 8


Communications Plan
Callsign Primary Frequency Superior Frequency ACTUAL
QUICKDRAW 9 45mHz 37mHz SSG Kevin Company Commander
SIERRA 9 40mHz 37mHz SPC Mattjamco Platoon Leader
SIERRA 1 250mHz 40mHz SPC Johannes Squad Leader
SIERRA 1-1 251mHz 250mHz 1Lt WhiteWolf Junior Team Leader
SIERRA 1-2 252mHz 250mHz Capt Korean Falcon Fireteam Leader
SIERRA 2 260mHz 40mHz PFC Pete (Ret.) APC/IFV Crewman (Commander)
WHISKEY 9 361mHz 37mHz SPC Deksterus Platoon Leader
WHISKEY 1 362mHz 361mHz MSG Crossy Squad Leader
WHISKEY 1-1 281mHz 362mHz SP3 Scape Fireteam Leader
WHISKEY 1-2 282mHz 362mHz SP2 Chelmy (Ret.) Junior Team Leader
WHISKEY 2 290mHz 361mHz PFC BigRed (Ret.) APC/IFV Crewman (Commander)
VICTOR 4-1 71mHz 70mHz SP1 Dreolic Rotary Crew Chief (General)
The chain of command will be Quickdraw 9, Sierra 9, Whiskey 9, Sierra 1 and then by highest rank. Smoke signals Green, Blue : Friendly position Yellow: broken vehicle in need of assistance Red: Enemy position Purple: Mass casualty location


TEAMSPEAK IP: ops.unitedtaskforce.net
GAME SERVER IP (Direct Connect): ops.unitedtaskforce.net
GAME SERVER PASSWORD: issued on Discord


FORM UP: 1900hrs UTC
STEP OFF: 1925hrs UTC
END-EX: 2100-2200hrs UTC APPROX
All are GMT/UTC


Equipment Checklist
The following combined equipment list is issued as part of approved kit lists and across relevant personnel.

Qty Item Weight
Primary weapons
1x M4A1 PIP 3kg
4x M4A1 (M203) 17kg
10x M4A1 29kg
5x M249 PIP (Short/Para) 35kg
2x M4A1 PIP (M320) 9kg
2x MP5 SMG 6kg
6x MP7A2 (Desert) 7kg

1x rhsusf_acc_eotech_552 Warning 0kg
8x tfw_ilbe_whip_wd Warning 0kg
3x tfw_ilbe_DD_wd Warning 0kg
4x VSM_OGA_carryall Warning 0kg
5x VSM_OGA_Backpack_Compact Warning 0kg
2x VSM_OGA_Backpack_Kitbag Warning 0kg
4x rhsusf_assault_eagleaiii_ocp Warning 0kg
2x tfw_ilbe_whip_ocp Warning 0kg

Sidearm optics
11x AN/PEQ-15 Black 4kg

14x 30rnd PMAG M856 (Tracer) 6kg
9x 17rnd Glock M882 FMJ 2kg
10x M67 Fragmentation Grenade 4kg
1x Designator Batteries 0kg
6x M433 HEDP Grenade Round 1kg
12x 30rnd PMAG M855A1 5kg
12x M18 Purple Smoke Grenade 7kg
10x M84 Stun Grenade 2kg
10x 17rnd Glock Mk243 JHP 3kg
4x M18 Smoke Grenade (Green) 1kg
24x 200rnd M249 Softpack M855A1 (Mixed) 50kg
25x 200rnd M249 Softpack M855 (Mixed) 52kg
12x 30rnd MP5 9mm (No Tracer) 5kg
18x 7rnd M1911 HP 4kg
6x 40rnd MP7 SX FMJ 2kg
12x M18 Smoke Grenade (Purple) 2kg

Other equipment
1x RVG Grip (Black) 0kg
33x Map 3kg
10x Rugged Tablet 25kg
30x Radio 11kg
33x Compass 3kg
33x Watch 3kg
20x Painkillers 1kg
21x GPS 8kg
5x SAW Bipod 5kg
2x GD300 Android 0kg
2x Personal Aid Kit 1kg
2x Helmet Camera 0kg
3x Tourniquet (CAT) 0kg
3x Earplugs 0kg
3x AN/PRC-152 1kg
6x M952V 2kg
7x AFG Grip 3kg
13x Splint 1kg
4x Toolkit 15kg

Secondary weapons
30x Glock 17 19kg
3x M1911A1 3kg

23x Combat Uniform (Marpat) 63kg
3x Combat Uniform (Woodland Alt / Marpat) 8kg
6x Combat Uniform OCP 11kg
1x Combat Uniform Short Sleeve (Marpat) 3kg

Body armor
3x SPC (Squadleader) 14kg
4x SPC (Teamleader) 22kg
9x SPC (Rifleman) 41kg
5x MBAV (Machinegunner) 18kg
2x MBAV (Rifleman) 7kg
3x SPC (Light) 14kg
6x SPCS (Rifleman/OEF-CP) 27kg
1x SPC (IAR) 5kg

1x Laser Designator (Sand) 0kg
13x Vector 21 Nite 0kg
19x Binoculars 0kg

Muzzle attachments
21x SFMB-556-1/2-28 7kg
8x AN/PVQ-31A RCO 1kg
5x SU-230/PVS MRDS 2kg
6x RM05 RMR LT726 1kg
2x AN/PVQ-31A RCO 0kg

Weapon optics
6x TA31RCO-RMR 1kg

4x M136 (HEAT) 27kg

Total Equipment: 632kg

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