[OPORD] Operation Brimstone (2014), Battle for Kinduf (Part 1) - UNITAF - Arma 3 MILSIM

Operation Brimstone (2014), Battle for Kinduf (Part 1)

United Task Force
UNITAF Forces Syria
Lt Gen Chad P. Franks
MacDill Air Force Base Tampa, U.S.



Background Information
in line with the greater Plan to encircle ISIS and push them out of the region once and for all, efforts have been made with the Russian Forces in the area to encircle and asphixiate any remaining hideouts, starting with a daring offensive on Kinduf Airfield.

Friendly Forces
1x Plt Airborne inf "Wolf" 1x MBT Section "Groundhog" +Supporting Assets 1x CAS-Support "Lightning" 1x Support Section of M113s "Badger"

Supporting Assets
Russian Forces in Green Area

Enemy Forces
Full range of assets, OPFOR is expected to hold firm in the Airfield and surrounding areas and dig in.


-take Kinduf Sector

Kinduf Airfield and surrounding Areas in Blufor control, Defensive Perimeter Northwards established


Commander's Intent
CoyCO intention for the mission is to aerial insert a platoon of infantry to the South-east side of Kinduf under the cover of darkness in order to set up an assault on the communications compound of the airfield. Once we go loud and assault, the vehicles will join us in a co-ordinated methodical push North then West, clearing out the airfield and ancillary structures across 3 phases.

Tasks and Sequencing
Phase 0 consists of; Wolf plt transiting via C-17 to the DZ and Halo inserting, maintaining stealth as they push up to APs near the communication compound [OBJ-JUPITER]. Groundhog, fox and badger to transit unseen from their startex point to a hold-off point South of the airfield until given the go-ahead to approach the airfield. Hold-off point to be confirmed just prior to mission. Phase 1: A scheduled bombing strike of the main defence line to the West will mark the commencement of our assault on the Kinduf sector. Wolf assaults and secures OBJ-JUPITER. Groundhog moves up to support positions to prevent enemy QRFs and vehicles from attacking Wolf plt. Fox also moves to close support the infantry, assisting with targets inside JUPITER if needs be. Badger holds to the South- picking up ay dropped logpaks and assisting with medical/ repair needs when necessary. Lightning on interception of enemy QRFs to the North and East, and assisting with hard targets in the Kinduf sector when requested Hawk on recon and quick CAS runs when needed Phase 2: Wolf splits teams between the Barracks area and the line of structures on the Eastern side of Phase 2, moving South to North. OBJ-PLUTO is a commander's residence- capturing him could prove useful and should be attempted. Groundhog, Fox, Badger, Lightning, Hawk taskings unchanged. Phase 3: Wolf secures ATC and ancillary structures to the South of the urban area of Kinduf. Wolf then readies for CQB assault on urban area of Kinduf marked as OBJ-Mars. The central tall buildings are reportedly bunks for low-level ISIS officers for the region and should be attacked with potential E-POW capture in mind. Fox to move to close-support of infantry in urban area, assisting with heavy fire support and mobile cover when needed. Groundhog, Badger, Lightning, Hawk taskings unchanged. As a stretch objective, there is a hospital with potential POWs to the West of the airfield marked as OBJ-MERCURY. If possible, we will investigate and secure.


In accordance with SOP

In accordance with SOP

Rules of Engagement
In accordance with SOP

Fire Support Plan
In accordance with SOP

Close Air Support
In accordance with SOP


Communications Plan
Callsign Primary Frequency Superior Frequency ACTUAL
PHOENIX 9 45mHz 37mHz SPC Mattjamco Company Commander
WOLF 9 40mHz 37mHz Capt Korean Falcon Platoon Leader
WOLF 1 250mHz 40mHz Maj James Squad Leader
WOLF 1-1 251mHz 250mHz Capt Jari Fireteam Leader
WOLF 1-2 252mHz 250mHz SP3 Shahid-e-Gomnam Fireteam Leader
WOLF 2 260mHz 40mHz 1Lt WhiteWolf Squad Leader
WOLF 2-1 261mHz 260mHz SPC Johannes Fireteam Leader
WOLF 2-2 262mHz 260mHz SPC SkullCollector Fireteam Leader
GROUNDHOG 9 361mHz 37mHz MSG Crossy MBT Section Commander
GROUNDHOG 1-2 282mHz 362mHz SP2 Bomer MBT Crewman (Commander)
FOX 9 60mHz 37mHz SP3 Jeb Saur Light Vehicle Section Commander
BADGER 4 70mHz 43mHz SPC Aynzerwulv Logistics Support Chief
HAWK 5-3 83mHz 80mHz Rotary Crew Chief (General)
WARLOCK H 87mHz 37mHz 2Lt Zuka Senior Game Master
In accordance with SOP


TEAMSPEAK IP: ops.unitedtaskforce.net
GAME SERVER IP (Direct Connect): ops.unitedtaskforce.net
GAME SERVER PASSWORD: issued on Discord


FORM UP: 1700hrs UTC
STEP OFF: 1725hrs UTC
END-EX: 1900-2000hrs UTC APPROX
All are GMT/UTC


Equipment Checklist
The following combined equipment list is issued as part of approved kit lists and across relevant personnel.

Qty Item Weight
Primary weapons
6x Mk 18 Mod 1 (M320) 24kg
4x M249 PIP (Short/Para) 28kg
19x M4A1 Block II 59kg
1x M4A1 PIP (M320) 4kg
1x Mk 11 Mod 0 (Desert) 4kg
3x MP7A2 (Desert) 3kg
1x MP5 SMG 3kg
2x Mk 18 Mod 1 5kg

Muzzle attachments
26x SFMB-556-1/2-28 8kg
3x RM05 RMR LT726 1kg

Sidearm optics
26x AN/PEQ-15 Black 9kg

Weapon optics
25x TA31RCO-RMR 5kg
1x Mk. 4 M5 (Desert) 0kg
2x EOTech 552.A65/1 0kg

17x 30rnd PMAG M856 (Tracer) 7kg
7x M433 HEDP Grenade Round 2kg
23x 17rnd Glock M882 FMJ 6kg
79x AN-M8HC White Smoke 32kg
44x M84 Stun Grenade 10kg
17x M18 Purple Smoke Grenade 9kg
4x 200rnd M249 Softpack M855A1 8kg
4x 100rnd M249 Softpack M855 (Mixed) 5kg
24x 30rnd PMAG M855A1 10kg
18x 17rnd Glock Mk243 JHP 5kg
24x 200rnd M249 Softpack M855A1 (Mixed) 50kg
8x 30rnd PMAG M856A1 (Tracer) 3kg
12x M112 Demolition Block 11kg
1x 20rnd SR-25 M118 1kg
1x M18 Smoke Grenade (Blue) 0kg
5x Designator Batteries 1kg
6x 40rnd MP7 SX FMJ 2kg
2x M18 Smoke Grenade (Green) 0kg
6x 7rnd M1911 HP 1kg
1x M18 Smoke Grenade (Purple) 0kg
1x 30rnd MP5 9mm (No Tracer) 0kg
4x 30rnd MP5 9mm Tracer (Red) 2kg

5x tfw_ilbe_DD_mc Warning 0kg
4x B_Kitbag_mcamo Warning 0kg
4x VSM_Multicam_carryall Warning 0kg
2x VSM_OGA_OD_IOTV_2 Warning 0kg
7x VSM_Multicam_Backpack_Kitbag Warning 0kg
3x tfw_ilbe_whip_mc Warning 0kg
1x rhsusf_acc_eotech_552 Warning 0kg
3x tfw_ilbe_blade_mc Warning 0kg
2x UK3CB_B_B_Radio_Backpack Warning 0kg

Secondary weapons
37x Glock 17 23kg
2x VMH3 5kg
1x M1911A1 1kg

36x [VSM] Crye G3 (Multicam) 57kg
2x Jet Pilot Coveralls [US Late] (NATO) 5kg
1x [VSM] Crye G3 Button Up (Multicam) 2kg
1x [VSM] Crye G3 (Multicam + Tan Pants) 2kg

Body armor
2x [VSM] Multicam LBT6094 (Operator) 5kg
4x [VSM] Multicam Paraclete RAV(Gunner) 9kg
6x [VSM] Multicam LBT Armatus (Operator) 14kg
8x [VSM] Multicam Paraclete RAV(Operator) 18kg
2x Pilot Vest 7kg
3x [VSM] Multicam LBT6094 (Breacher) 7kg

12x Vector 21 Nite 0kg
21x Binoculars 0kg
2x Laser Designator (Sand) 0kg

Other equipment
40x Map 4kg
12x Rugged Tablet 30kg
37x Radio 13kg
40x Compass 4kg
40x Watch 4kg
13x [VSM] Multicam DT FAPC (Operator) 29kg
4x GD300 Android 1kg
4x SAW Bipod 4kg
20x GPS 7kg
9x Splint 1kg
1x Harris Bipod 0kg
1x RVG Grip (Black) 0kg
5x M952V 2kg
7x AFG Grip 3kg
2x Toolkit 7kg
3x AN/PRC-152 1kg
1x Tourniquet (CAT) 0kg
1x Earplugs 0kg
2x Personal Aid Kit 1kg
2x Helmet Camera 0kg
2x Entrenching Tool 1kg

4x M136 (HEAT) 27kg

Total Equipment: 612kg

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