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UNITAF Pending/Dissapproved Mods for Arma 3

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Pending Adoption List

These mods have been requested, approved in principle and are pending an adoption and testing process.

Gear, Units and Vehicles
Hellenic Armed Forces Mod (HAFM) - NAVY [210] 0.00GB
PSZ: OP4 [1018] 1.00GB
PSZ: Polish Armed Forces [1019] 1.00GB
Breaching Charge [1049] 0.00GB

Graphics Enhancement
Better Inventory [1073] 0.00GB

AI Modifiers
Zulu Headless Client (ZHC) [1006] 0.00GB

Terrain and Maps
Sanagasta [1071] 1.00GB

HAFM NAVY Core & Weapons part [211] 0.00GB
PSZ: Compatibility with ACE [1020] 0.00GB
PSZ: Compatibility with RHS [1022] 0.00GB

Suggestions List

These mods have been suggested and are pending review for suitability and consideration.

Gear, Units and Vehicles
Community Factions Project (CFP)[1083] 0.00GB
CIA_JSOC_mas[1084] 0.00GB

Sound Enhancement
Dynasound 2[1090] 1.00GB

Terrain and Maps
Niakala[1088] 1.00GB

Realism and Immersion
Vehicle Inventory System[1028] 0.00GB
No More Aircraft Bouncing[1059] 1.00GB
Advanced Vaulting / Parkour System (Remastered)[1074] 0.00GB
Breach[1087] 0.00GB
Freestyles Crash Landing[1091] 0.00GB

ACE compat[1065] 1.00GB
Global Mobilization Extra - TFAR Compatibility[1066] 1.00GB
Western Sahara - Creator DLC Compatibility Data for Non-Owners[1079] 4.00GB

Denied/Dissapproval List

These mods have been previously used, or have been requested by subsequently denied in the approvals process. This may be due to incompatibility and is subject to periodic review.

Reason Codes Keying
[IC] Incompatibility
[DP] Deprecated
[FR] Feature/content not required
[CO] Content overlap or conflict
[NI] Niche content / low user adoption
[OR] Other / not specified

Gear, Units and Vehicles
  • Specialist Military Arms (SMA) Version 2.7.1[58] [CO]
  • F-15SE Silent Eagle[76] [OR]
  • ITC Land Systems[111] [OR]
  • SCP-173 [WORKING AI UNIT][118] [OR]
  • Flying Legends[139] [NI]
  • USP Gear & Uniforms[154] [IC]
  • Boeing Konyo MH47G SOAR[178] [IC]
  • MS_IFF_Strobe[182] [IC]
  • Tier One Weapons[189] [OR]
  • Arma 3 Aegis[199] [OR]
  • Arma 3 Aegis - Police[200] [OR]
  • Arma 3 Atlas[201] [OR]
  • AH-64D Apache Longbow - Official Project[205] [NI]
  • Boeing/SOAR MH-47E Chinook[996] [IC]
  • F/A-18E/F Super Hornet 2020[997] [NI]
  • Headlamps by Vestarr[1003] [IC]
  • DEVGRU K-9[1004] [IC]
  • MAAWS Additional Ammo Types[1029] [NI]
  • NIArms HK416 Rifles[1032] [CO]
  • Project Uncut[1046] [FR]
  • Titus[1052] [FR]
  • JH parachutes vanilla[1058] [CO]
  • F-15 Eagle[1062] [NI]

Editor and Zeus Tools
  • ArmaZeusCache[31] [OR]
  • Athena - An Arma 2nd Screen Application[46] [OR]
  • Athena AAR - An AAR Solution for Athena[47] [OR]
  • Achilles[56] [DP]

Sound Enhancement
  • Realistic C-RAM Alarm (INCOMING!) [ITC Land Mod][112] [OR]
  • Project SFX: Remastered[145] [OR]

Graphics Enhancement
  • ASCZ_Heads[57] [OR]
  • Arma3FXP[149] [OR]
  • LYTHIUM Livonia Lighting Replacement[151] [OR]
  • Dom's View Distance Mod[177] [NI]
  • A3 Thermal Improvement[190] [OR]
  • Blastcore Murr Edition (Smoke Alternative)[1042] [NI]

AI Modifiers
  • Vcom AI[11] [IC]
  • ASR AI3[61] [DP]
  • C2 Command and Control[82] [OR]

Terrain and Maps
  • Esseker Fixed[116] [OR]
  • Kunduz Afghanistan - Doors & Multiplayer Fix[174] [IC]

Object Packs
  • RDS Civilian Pack[126] [OR]
  • Large Civilian Ship[212] [NI]
  • Advanced Train Simulator (ATS)[1082] [OR]

Realism and Immersion
  • ACEX[7] [OR]
  • Military Ranks and Insignias mod[18] [DP]
  • DUI - Squad Radar (Backup)[84] [OR]
  • BettIR (Development/Alpha)[121] [OR]
  • Apricot's MW NVG VFX[122] [DP]
  • Real Engine[150] [FR]
  • GGE: Weapon Canting[171] [FR]
  • TacControl[173] [OR]
  • Salmon Buttstroke[206] [OR]
  • Knock People Unconscious[998] [IC]
  • CQB Weapon Stance[999] [FR]
  • HMDs - RHS[1008] [IC]
  • AWESome - Aerial Warfare Enhanced Somehow[1010] [FR]
  • Improved Melee System[1015] [OR]
  • Ammocan[1027] [FR]
  • {9GU} - APOBS & MICLIC System[1047] [NI]
  • GGE: Captive Animations[1053] [NI]
  • GGE: Weapon Swap[1057] [FR]

  • UNISTATS - UNITAF Player Statistics[29] [DP]
  • ACE3 - BWMod Compatibility[148] [OR]
  • NIArms G36 - ACE Compatibility[158] [OR]

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