M18 Smoke Grenade (Yellow), UNITAF Quartermasters Report

M18 Smoke Grenade (Yellow)

Classification: Mag
Asset ID: QM21352
Mass: 4
Weight: 181g

This asset appears in 111 equipment lists across 16 operators.

Kit Operators (16)
Units of the task force are using this equipment for the following personnel:

F5 USMC (Woodland MARPAT)
in 1 positions

F7 PMC Style (USMC Kit) Debadged
in 1 positions

F10 US Ranger Regiment (MLO/USAF)
in 1 positions

F16 Bundeswehr (BWMOD)
in 1 positions

F21 US Vietnam (1969) - DLC
in 9 positions

F29 US Army (1984) M81
in 16 positions

F32 US ARMY DCU (2001)
in 5 positions

F35 British Expeditionary Forces (1944)
in 4 positions

F37 British Army (1984) DPM V2
in 30 positions

F38 Polish Armed Forces (2023) Woodland
in 4 positions

F40 USMC MARPAT-D (2014)
in 11 positions

F43 British Army DPM (2007)
in 6 positions

F45 British Army DDPM (2003)
in 7 positions

F50 Lapodes Armed Forces (2020)
in 5 positions

F52 British Army, MTP CUP (2015)
in 6 positions

in 4 positions

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