30rnd STANAG M855A1, UNITAF Quartermasters Report

30rnd STANAG M855A1
Quartermasters Report


Asset Classification: Mag
Asset ID: QM21547
This asset appears in 275 equipment lists across 10 operators.

Kit Operators (10)
Units of the task force are using this equipment for the following personnel:

F5 USMC (Woodland MARPAT)
in 28 positions

F6 BAF Special Forces, SAS (3CB)
in 11 positions

F7 PMC Style (USMC Kit) Debadged
in 27 positions

F8 BAF Royal Marines (3CB) Desert
in 45 positions

F10 US Ranger Regiment (MLO/USAF)
in 35 positions

F18 BAF Royal Marines (3CB) MTP
in 40 positions

F20 British Army (Blue Helmets)
in 44 positions

F26 US Army OCP (2022) Poseidon
in 1 positions

F31 Red Veil (1980)
in 16 positions

F40 USMC MARPAT-D (2014)
in 28 positions

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