M67 Fragmentation Grenade, UNITAF Quartermasters Report

M67 Fragmentation Grenade
Quartermasters Report


Asset Classification: Mag
Asset ID: QM21760
This asset appears in 1051 equipment lists across 26 operators.

Kit Operators (26)
Units of the task force are using this equipment for the following personnel:

F5 USMC (Woodland MARPAT)
in 24 positions

F6 BAF Special Forces, SAS (3CB)
in 55 positions

F7 PMC Style (USMC Kit) Debadged
in 23 positions

F8 BAF Royal Marines (3CB) Desert
in 37 positions

F10 US Ranger Regiment (MLO/USAF)
in 28 positions

in 48 positions

F14 US Army Rangers (MLO/MULTICAM)
in 38 positions

in 21 positions

F16 Bundeswehr (BWMOD)
in 7 positions

F17 USMC (MARPAT-WD) Typhoon
in 40 positions

F18 BAF Royal Marines (3CB) MTP
in 43 positions

F19 US Army Rangers (Sapphire) OD
in 49 positions

F20 British Army (Blue Helmets)
in 56 positions

F22 Canadian Armed Forces (OD)
in 56 positions

F25 US Navy Seals (Alpine)
in 57 positions

F26 US Army OCP (2022) Poseidon
in 53 positions

F27 USMC MARPAT-WD (2022) Poseidon
in 36 positions

F29 US Army (1984) M81
in 43 positions

F30 German Special Forces KSK (Multitarn)
in 18 positions

F32 US ARMY DCU (2001)
in 30 positions

F33 British Army MTP Osprey (2013)
in 74 positions

F34 US Army Rangers (CUP/Multicam)
in 81 positions

Squad Leader
Fireteam Leader
Squad Medic
Automatic Rifleman
Assistant Automatic Rifleman
Anti-Tank Rifleman, Light
Combat Life Saver
Logistics Support Chief
Support Engineer
Combat Engineer
Radio Operator
Designated Marksman
AT Specialist, Medium
AT Specialist, Heavy
Machinegunner, Heavy
Machinegunner, Medium
Assistant Machinegunner
Platoon Leader
Platoon Medic
Platoon Sergeant
Light Vehicle Crewman (Driver)
AA Specialist
APC/IFV Crewman (Driver)
APC/IFV Crewman (Commander)
Rotary Pilot (General)
Forward Air Controller
Sniper, Light
Spotter, Light
Game Master
Forward Observer
MBT Crewman (Driver)
MBT Crewman (Commander)
Field Artillery Cannoneer
Assistant AT Specialist
Assistant AA Specialist
SUAV Operator (Reconnaissance)
Sniper, Medium
Sniper, Heavy
Spotter, Medium
Spotter, Heavy
UAV Operator (Attack/Reconnaissance)
MERT Technician
MERT Officer
Light Vehicle Crewman (Commander)
EOD Specialist
SF Operator
SF Marksman
SF Missileman
SF Commander
Joint Fires Observer
Fire Support Chief
Combat Medical Team Leader
Assistant AT Specialist, Heavy
Ammo Bearer
Assistant Machinegunner, Heavy
Combat Medic
Light Vehicle Crewman (Gunner)
Civillian Roleplayer
Light Vehicle Section Commander
UAV Operator (Reconnaissance)
Junior Team Leader
Leading Rifleman
APC/IFV Crewman (Gunner)
MBT Section Commander
MBT Crewman (Gunner)
Senior Game Master
Assistant Game Master
OPFOR Roleplayer
APC/IFV Section Commander
Infantry Team Leader
Company Commander
Communications Specialist
Rotary Pilot (Multi)
Rotary Observer (General)
Rotary Crew Chief (General)
SF Gunner
SF Communications Specialist
Rotary Weapon Systems Operator (Attack)

F37 British Army (1984) DPM V2
in 43 positions

F38 Polish Armed Forces (2023) Woodland
in 30 positions

F40 USMC MARPAT-D (2014)
in 27 positions

F41 Lapodes Armed Forces (2020)
in 34 positions

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