XPS3, UNITAF Quartermasters Report


Classification: Optics
Asset ID: QM16062
Mass: 6
Weight: 272g

This asset appears in 124 equipment lists across 13 operators.

Kit Operators (13)
Units of the task force are using this equipment for the following personnel:

F5 USMC (Woodland MARPAT)
in 1 positions

F6 BAF Special Forces, SAS (3CB)
in 5 positions

F16 Bundeswehr (BWMOD)
in 6 positions

F18 BAF Royal Marines (3CB) MTP
in 5 positions

F20 British Army (Blue Helmets)
in 5 positions

F25 US Navy Seals (Alpine)
in 44 positions

F26 US Army OCP (2022) Poseidon
in 5 positions

F27 USMC MARPAT-WD (2022) Poseidon
in 5 positions

F30 German Special Forces KSK (Multitarn)
in 12 positions

F33 British Army MTP Osprey (2013)
in 1 positions

F34 US Army Rangers (CUP/Multicam)
in 15 positions

F41 Lapodes Territorial Defense (2020)
in 1 positions

F50 Lapodes Armed Forces (2020)
in 19 positions

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