7rnd M1911 HP, UNITAF Quartermasters Report

7rnd M1911 HP
Quartermasters Report


Asset Classification: Mag
Asset ID: QM21729
This asset appears in 79 equipment lists across 6 operators.

Kit Operators (6)
Units of the task force are using this equipment for the following personnel:

F14 US Army Rangers (MLO/MULTICAM)
in 1 positions

F17 USMC (MARPAT-WD) Typhoon
in 1 positions

F19 US Army Rangers (Sapphire) OD
in 4 positions

F29 US Army (1984) M81
in 66 positions

F31 Red Veil (1980)
in 2 positions

F34 US Army Rangers (CUP/Multicam)
in 5 positions

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