Communication Roles - United Task Force (UNITAF) - Arma 3

Radio Operator
Tier I Communications Role

The RTO is a Squad, Platoon or Company level role that is sometimes utilised by unit commanders in situations whereby the actual commander is required to focus on execution of the mission and therefore transfers partial or full aspects of his chain-of-command communications responsibilities to a dedicated person called the RTO. RTOs are experts in radio communication procedures, communicating with support assets, aircraft and higher headquarters over long range.

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Forward Observer
Tier II Communications Role

The Forward Observer or "FO" is a player who is tasked with coordinating artillery support for the platoon. They are expected to be knowledgeable in all things artillery, from the types of rounds to use, how to call for fire, how to adjust fire, and everything in between.

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Forward Air Controller
Tier III Communications Role

The JTAC or Forward Air Controller ("FAC") is a player who is tasked with coordinating air elements in the support of ground forces and frequently is assigned to the company headquarters element. The FAC is expected to be knowledgeable in the employment of any CAS elements, be they fixed-wing (jets) or rotary-wing (helicopters). The more familiar the FAC is with the aircraft, the better they will be able to direct its employment. The best FACs have extensive experience as a CAS aircraft pilot.

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