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Field Leadership Roles

Field Leadership covers the primary front-line leadership roles, all the way from team leadership, right the way up to company level combined arms. Field Leadership is the realm of NCOs, SNCOs and Officers.

Junior Team Leader
Tier I Leadership Role

The junior team leader has the same responsibilities as the Fireteam Leader. The role while the same, allows field leaders to limit the number of less-experienced team leaders deployed on any given operation. The role allows the building of experience in a controlled environment.

Total Combat Hours: 56hrs
Times Deployed: 16
MVP Chances: 1.5%

Most Experienced:
Private Milky (20 hrs)
Private majkel (7 hrs)
Private Kaddion (Ret.) (7 hrs)
Private Waerm (7 hrs)
Corporal Link (7 hrs)

Fireteam Leader
Tier II Leadership Role

The Fireteam Leader's mantra is "Follow me and do as I do". They are the most combat-oriented leader position on the battlefield, and leads their fireteam from the front while acting as the example that his team members will follow.

Total Combat Hours: 1153hrs
Times Deployed: 411
MVP Chances: 23.7%

Most Experienced:
Second Lieutenant Ben (114 hrs)
Sergeant Skelly (92 hrs)
Second Lieutenant Zero (82 hrs)
Sergeant Johannes (82 hrs)
Specialist Jules (75 hrs)

Squad Leader
Tier III Leadership Role

The squad leader has similar responsibilities to the fireteam leader, except instead of controlling individual players, they control entire fireteams. They are tasked with leading their squad in accordance with the platoon commander's intent and direction, as well as coordinating laterally with their fellow squads. The squad leader's motto is to "Lead from the front", since they know that they cannot direct their fireteams most efficiently if they cannot observe their movements and combat.

Total Combat Hours: 566hrs
Times Deployed: 203
MVP Chances: 11.5%

Most Experienced:
Captain James (120 hrs)
Second Lieutenant Ben (116 hrs)
Second Lieutenant Zero (52 hrs)
Sergeant Deksterus (44 hrs)
Staff Sergeant Attackbee (38 hrs)

Platoon Sergeant
Tier III Leadership Role

The Platoon Sergeant (PltSgt) is an interesting leadership role that can be used, to increase the platoon's efficiency in any mission by spreading the workload between the PltCo and PltSgt or to help a someone learn how to PltCo, or to observe an existing PltCo and help them develop.

Total Combat Hours: 29hrs
Times Deployed: 10
MVP Chances: 0.2%

Most Experienced:
First Lieutenant Kevin (16 hrs)
Sergeant Johannes (3 hrs)
Private First Class J. "Willy" Wilson (Ret.) (3 hrs)
Second Lieutenant Zero (3 hrs)

Platoon Leader
Tier IV Leadership Role

The Platoon Leader (PL), or Platoon Commander (PltCo), is responsible for the conduct of his platoon on their assigned mission from start to finish. They direct the three main squads of the platoon, as well as any attachments, and use a multitude of skills to accomplish the platoon's mission with the minimal friendly and the maximum enemy casualties.

Total Combat Hours: 152hrs
Times Deployed: 50
MVP Chances: 1.8%

Most Experienced:
Captain James (122 hrs)
First Lieutenant Kevin (21 hrs)
Second Lieutenant Zero (6 hrs)
Second Lieutenant Ben (4 hrs)

Company Commander
Tier V Leadership Role

The company commander leads the Platoons deployed on an operation. Using their experience of an array of leadership roles, they guide the multiple platoons and attachments of up to 120 people, to accomplish the assigned mission.

Total Combat Hours: 11hrs
Times Deployed: 4
MVP Chances: 0.1%

Most Experienced:
Captain James (11 hrs)

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