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Mission Support Roles

Not all roles are combative and some important roles require that not a single bullet is fired. Mission Support covers active roles not directly related to the friendly force, such roles could be CIVFOR, INDFOR and OPFOR supporting roles, roleplaying or Zeus activity.

Civillian Roleplayer
Tier 0 Mission Support Role

Roleplayers are individuals that take remote control of various units throughout and operation, they role-play civilians, hostages, HVTs and various other units to better interact with deployed units, they may speak English or other languages and serve to increase the immersion of all involved.

Total Combat Hours: 207hrs
Times Deployed: 83
MVP Chances: 2.2%

Most Experienced:
Sergeant First Class Mattjamco (15 hrs)
Private First Class Ghost (12 hrs)
Private Clarke (10 hrs)
Private First Class Mason (Ret.) (9 hrs)
Recruit Wavan (6 hrs)

Game Master
Tier II Mission Support Role

The Game Master or GM, is arguably the most important role on the battlefield. The GM operates as the enemy intelligence on operations which are controlled via Zeus. The role of a GM is not to completely wipe-out an opposing force, rather to provide a challenging, realistic and immersive experience for deployed forces.

Total Combat Hours: 470hrs
Times Deployed: 171
MVP Chances: 5.5%

Most Experienced:
Sergeant First Class Mattjamco (112 hrs)
Second Lieutenant Jari (70 hrs)
Private First Class Mectus (42 hrs)
Sergeant Luke (34 hrs)
Private Ryolitt (25 hrs)

OPFOR Roleplayer
Tier III Mission Support Role

An opposition force (OPFOR) roleplayer is a combative roleplay role. It's purpose is to enhance the experience of BLUFOR players. The role requires a good amount of experience in mission support to ensure those in it have a solid understanding of Mission Support principles.

Total Combat Hours: 4hrs
Times Deployed: 2
MVP Chances: 0.1%

Most Experienced:
Sergeant First Class Mattjamco (4 hrs)

Senior Game Master
Tier IV Mission Support Role

Senior Game Masters are very experienced in mission support roles and exist when a mission requires multiple or suitably experienced GMs for a given purpose.

Total Combat Hours: 138hrs
Times Deployed: 51
MVP Chances: 1.9%

Most Experienced:
Sergeant First Class Mattjamco (67 hrs)
Sergeant Luke (35 hrs)
Major James (25 hrs)
First Lieutenant Kevin (6 hrs)

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