Roadmap - United Task Force

Future Development of UNITAF

This public roadmap represents confirmed plans for UNITAF. It's purpose it to communicate both inward and outward our current state and our near term development plans. The roadmap is sorted into phases Now, Next and Future. This roadmap will be updated frequently, please note that specifics of any item are subject to change.

If you have any questions about the roadmap, use #general-chat on Discord.

Things we're working on right now

#60 Approvals process optimisation

Larger parts of the administration including the management of default arsenals, loadouts, SOP, operation, training and deployment approvals process and recruitment and retention centers will recieve updates allowing them to be further delegated or partially delegated to more ORGCOC members to assist Headquarters.

#64 Lesson Plan Management

While all current FTXs require a lesson plan, the introduction of the Lesson Plans database will formalise a system of Lesson Development, alongside a Lesson Planning SOP. This will allow approved instructors to schedule lessons from a database of approved lessons. Being able to see the feedback of not just a specific FTX but all FTXs ran from a singular lesson plan will both allow attendees greater understanding in the contents of FTXs but the ability to contribute towards it's improvement over time.

#74 SOP Management Overhaul

A huge overhaul to the SOP Management is designed to formalise an efficient process for suggesting, approving and tracking SOP changes and providing better visibility of the progress of submitted change requests or pending approval policies.

#52 Master After Action Reports (MAARs)

Using the post-operation phase, Field Leaders and Campaign managers will file summary after-action reports that encompass overall learnings from all the individiual after action reports of any given deployment. These summaries will be published so both Commanders and personnel alike can learn from every deployment and make corrections as required.

Things we'll work on next

#55 Monthly Feedback Reports (SOTU)

As part of the monthly role preferences review, personnel will be asked to feedback on non-operational specific feedback such as role availability, issues, suggestions similar in form to the annual survey. Headquarters will review feedback reports as a way to identify non-operationally specific issues and opportunities from all ranks. Like an after-action-report, but for your last month in the unit.

#56 Vehicles on ORBATs

Vehicles will appear on ORBATs and be attached to callsigns, displayed similar to how a person is displayed. Crew will know which slots belong to which vehicles and commanders and intelligence staff will be aided in planning through better use of assets. This will pave the way for future integration of other vehicle logistic systems.

#58 Mission Success Ratings (MSAR)

MSARs will allow Field Leaders and campaign managers to properly set, track and communicate objectives for missions and in the after-action review, indicate which objectives have been completed or failed. Campaigns will in the future be able to have a tasking sucess rate which indicates how successful it's leaders are at completing objectives. This will later feed into statistics and campaign finance.

#59 Preslot Tiering and Fatigue

The pre-slotting muster stage for leaders and mission support will be extended forward by 24 hours so that the lead-in for deployments becomes 5 days, and the 24 hour period before an deployments official release is an automatic pre-slotting stage. Pre-slotting will recieve updates to enforce proper Tier checks and fatigue penalties.

#61 Request for input reports (RFI)

Ability for headquarters to issue RFI reports directly to the ORGCOC and beyond to digitise input on policy changes. ORGCOC members will be notifed similar to COCREPs of an RFI to which they will provide supporting and opposing comments for consideration. RFIs will improve decision making effectiveness.

#65 Dossier Profiles for Roleplayers

Campaign managers will be able to create dossier profiles for roleplayers in the campaign center. This will allow personnel to "look-up" characters encountered in missions for intelligence and make notes. Roleplayers will have hidden notes to aid them in how to act as specific characters.

#70 Qualified roles, capability based role access

The tier system is an experienced based system, not a capability based system. We'll phase in a capability based system which will track people who we deem capable of a role, even if they don't have the tier for it.  Priority will always be given to those who have the most experience, but priority outside of that will be given to people who have the capability those will the experience and the capability are always first.

A number of roles (or role areas) in the future will have a mandatory capability requirement. The best way to look at this is like the Twitter verification tick. Roles like pilots, and field leaders will be verified at each tier by someone senior in that area to confirm they are competent in that role. 

#72 Leadership SOP Review

A review of the Leadership SOP is planned, the entire list of procedures will be re-written and reorganised based on new standards and those that build upon existing concepts. Following re-introduction FTXs will be scheduled to distribute new procedures.

#73 Medical SOP Review

A review of the Medical SOP is planned, the entire list of procedures will be re-written and reorganised based on new standards and those that build upon existing concepts. Following re-introduction FTXs will be scheduled to distribute new procedures.

Things we want to do in the future

#8 In-game statistics stored in the website.

Collecting in-game statistics such as rounds fired, accuracy and importing it into the website for long-term statistics.

#62 Support for other/multiple games

UTFN does not currently support multiple games. Support will be added across all systems so that future transitions to multi-game operations will be smooth. Systems will be update so that in the event of a successor to our primary game, our systems support deployments overlap. This may involve introducing support for multiple primary games, but this is subject to change.

#63 Improved other game rallying with scheduling

Non-supported games will recieve updates to allow timed-scheduling or pings in addition to the current instant ping support. This aims to better support personnel in the organisation of sessions for the non-primary game.

#66 A Guide to UNITAF for Newcomers

An independent publically facing guide is to be created for newcomers to UNITAF to be lightly introduced to our systems. This should form a decently presented handbook that answers all the key questions that can be issued to those in their first few months, or indeed those not yet applied. This would be best written by someone detached from the command structures. Contact us if you are interest in this item.

#67 Asset Persistence / Dossier Profiles

Assets, such as vehicles will have Dossier Profiles, now attached to ORBATs like personnel, assets will become persistent and campaigns will have a fixed list of assets. The use of assets will become much more important and a key decision for field leaders on when and what to employ.

#68 Logistics for Campaigns

Out-of game logistics tools to extend the logistical challenge of campaign management. These tools will allow leaders to order assets, equipment and supplies via an out-of-game platform, the system will force the creation of logistics convoy missions in order for Field Leaders to be granted assets they request for larger missions, providing a meaningful existance for support gameplay and dedicated support missions.

#69 Campaign management and relationship management

The campaign center will recieve updates allowing central intelligence about the relationships in the conflict, including local forces enemy forces, civilian populations etc. Actions in missions will impact on hostility ratings increasing or decreasing relations with differenct factions. This data will allow game-masters to react accordingling to player behaviour across a string of campaign missions, it will offer field leaders the chance to repair relations through meaninful actions.

Things we've already done

#1 Whitelist Optional Mods on Official UNITAF Servers

We're going to start whitelisting optional mods which aren't part of the UNITAF Mod Pack.

We're doing this for two reasons;

  1. Performance, not knowing what mods people use outside of our pack makes testing and performance tracking harder for the Signals Dept
  2. Control, some optional mods alter the way gameplay works, or the aqusition of weapons via loadout mods, weapons or equipment that are not apart of our packs also render other players unable to hear your firing

Following this, we will publish a method whereby members can request mods to be whitelisted, which the Signals team will manage. We will also post a public list of approved Mods.

#2 Improved New Member Experience / Procedure for Public Launch

Prior to our public launch planned for October 2019, we wan't to ensure we have a kick-ass joining proceedure, as well as good marketing materials prepared. Headquarters is especially keen on communicating effectively our key differences

  • Dynamic ORBATs / Flexible Time Comittment
  • Custom Software
  • In-Game / Web Statistics
  • Logistics / Finance System

#3 Log in game statistics such as rounds fired, accuracy to UTFN

In-game events being logged to UTFN, to provide long term statistics and persistancy to players and operations. Confirmed stats are below, more will be added.

  • Shots fired
  • Distance travelled
  • Targets killed inc civ
  • Explosives detonated
  • Basic medical events
  • Logistics logging computer
  • Accuracy
  • Rounds Used / Mags used
  • Favorite Mag
  • Favorite Gun / Weapon
  • Most played role
  • Time in role

#4 Complete SOP and Tier Progression

As part of the training system for UNITAF, we will compile complete checklists for all roles (in-game roles) players will need to qualify for said role before the ORBAT deployment is allowed.

#6 Rank/Training Restricted ORBATs

#7 Headless Client

#11 Discord Integration with UTFN

Discord API with UTFN so that the website can post to Discord and Manage Member Permissions, Nicknames and Roles.

#12 Dynamic ORBAT Software Solution

Produce a software solution to allow dynamic ORBATing so that missions can be organised ahead of the mission date.

#13 After Action Reporting System

Feature to allow members to submit AARs and automate the collation of feedback to the Ops Team.

#14 Public Launch Recruitment Drive

#20 Overhaul of Personnel Dossiers' and Unit Profiles

#25 Loadout Injection from UTFN Site

Inject player loadouts based on a website created loadout to avoid any use / time wasting while in game.

#26 Default Loadouts 2.0

Re-write of default loadouts into new format, loadouts should be suitable for a full mission, rather than skeleton loadouts, details over on the project board

#44 Increase the total active force to 120

Over the next year, we plan to double in active size, in order to enable us to provide more frequent as well as larger operations.


#47 Medical System Update

A review of AAR feedback and on the direction of the NCOs a review of the medical system is underway and is currently being looked at with our most experienced and frequent medics. The aim is to ensure it is challenging enough to players and rewarding enough for medics.

The last update to the medical System was January 2020.

2Lt Zero is leading the consultation on this.

#50 Organisation SOP

Add a section of SOP all about UNITAF as an organisation, move Basic Unit Policies, COC, and all operational policies into it. Break Basic Unit Policy down.

#18 Media Center

A complete solution for the storage of photos and videos, linked to dossiers, and linked to operations, allow tagging.

#31 Automatic 1UP System

The 1UP system will be automated as follows;

  • 24 hours after the orbat release, you will be able to 1UP yourself
  • 48 hours after the release, you can 2UP
  • 72 hours after release, you can 3UP

You cannot 2UP or 3UP if you are not at least T1 in the area.

Timers will be present on the deploy button, to make it easier for people to know when 1UPs can be done.


#57 Campaign Intel/storylines and Modular OPORDs

Intelligence systems for campaigns will be updated. OPORDs will recieve a modular update allowing more fragmented orders. Campaigns will recieve timeline style intelligence feeds allowing stringing storylines to be possible, and intel and story development outside of OPORDs.

#71 Communications SOP Review

A review of the Communications SOP is underway, the entire list of procedures will be re-written and reorganised based on new standards and those that build upon existing concepts. Following re-introduction FTXs will be scheduled to distribute new procedures.

#32 Replacement of the Basic Infantry training area with Core Skills

The basic infantry area is often avoided by experienced members, and to better promote the core skills of being a rifleman, it will be replaced with a Core Skills area, aimed to develop the fundamental concepts of being an effective rifleman.

Some other areas will be folded into Core Skills, such as Support Weapons and Desposible AT.

Rotary and Fixed Wing will be split.

#37 UNITAFs Mod 2.0

Reintroduce a new version of the UNITAF mod, that automates the mission framework, and in-game tasks typical of our operations.


#40 Increased Frequency of Operations, and Larger Operations and expand Factions.

Introduce multiple ongoing campaigns on different anchor days.

Have multiple small scale Squad and Team sized operations on a regular basis.

Recruit the required GMs to make it happen.


#43 Recruit Only Operations & Restrict Recruits on Official Operations

Host recruit only operations as part of the recruit to private process, that a limited number of regulars can attend, so Recruits can gain experience of practicing SOP outside of Official Operations.

In turn, restrict the number of recruits allowed on official operations.

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