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Service Medals

Services Medals recognise a long-term consistent dedication to UNITAF, either through combat deployments, time in service or grade, or dedication to training over a sustained period of time.


UNITAF Medal of Freedom (MOF)

As a physically delivered award, the UNITAF Medal of Freedom highest award for contributions to UNITAF. It is bestowed for especially meritorious contributions to the interests of United Task Force over a sustained period of time, that in the eyes of the Commanding Officer and the Headquarters, are above and beyond the call of duty.


UNITAF Medal of Merit (MOM)

The second highest award for contributions to UNITAF, for meritorious contributions to the interests of United Task Force over a sustained period of time.


Joint Service Achievement Medal (JSAM)

For achieving a high level of combat competence in all areas by being signed off as a tier three operator in all combat competency areas.


Professional Development Ribbon (PDR)

Awarded for being in membership of the organisational Chain of Command, for more than a year in any consecutive term or commission.



Outstanding Public Leadership Medal (OPLM)

Sustained leadership and exceptionally high-impact leadership achievements should demonstrate the individual's effectiveness in advancing the Agency's goals and image in present and future terms


Exceptional Technology Achievement Medal (ETAM)

Early technology development significantly contributing to the UNITAF mission, exemplary collaborative effort in achieving significant technology transfer or exceptional utilization of a UNITAF-developed technology resulting in a significant application



Volunteer Service Award (VSA)

Awarded to contributors of the unit that provide outstanding service to non combat departments in the dedication of the execution of the aims and objectives of the unit.

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