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Team Ranks

Teams (known as Fireteams on Operations) are typically sized between 4-6 men on deployment and up to 8-10 for administrative units. Teams are headed up by a Corporal and multiple teams make up a Section. Almost all members of the Task Force belong to a team.

Candidate (CDT)

Candidates are probationary members whose applications have been accepted, but are yet to report to Basic Infantry Training. It's the first of two probationary stages of the UNITAF joining process. During Candidate stage you report to Basic Infantry Practices, or Candidate and Recruit specific operations, you cannot yet attend offical operations. At the end of basic infantry training, you'll either be accepted as a recruit, or discharged.

Current Candidates
CDT Streif
CDT Maverick
CDT Hawkyie
CDT Whitney
CDT RoyalDart30
CDT Salmon
CDT Hope

Grade: N/A
Level: Team
Type: Enlisted

Recruit (Rec)

Recruits are probationary members of the task force who have been accepted from the Candidate and Application stage and have attended Basic Infantry Training, during their probation recruits continue to practice Core Infantry Skills and attend their first official operations. Recruits are promoted to private and their probation ends when they achieve Core Infantry T-II and should their NCO wish to put them forward then they will be Promoted to Private.

Current Recruits
Rec Q10X
Rec Shinohara
Rec Bex
Rec Robo
Rec Miller
Rec Samuel
Rec dvanerew
Rec Sam
Rec Dadds
Rec honger
Rec Bal
Rec majkel
Rec Sir_waffles
Rec dagless
Rec J. Kowalski
Rec Neko
Rec beechhound
Rec Caz

Grade: E-1
Level: Team
Type: Enlisted

Private (Pvt)

Privates are full members of the task-force who have undertaken sufficient Basic Infantry Training, attended a number of offical operations and practices and have demonstrated their ability to be an asset to any team, being put forward for promotion by their Team Leader or Section Commander and have passed their probationary period. A Private can be a Regular (REG) or Reserve (RES).

Current Privates
Pvt Dobbie
Pvt Kaddion
Pvt Darren
Pvt Jadd
Pvt Waerm
Pvt WitchHunter
Pvt nikjo
Pvt Magni
Pvt Flubber Dubber
Pvt Real
Pvt Gaz
Pvt TipJay
Pvt Grezvany13
Pvt bunty-boy
Pvt Gawron
Pvt Max
Pvt Ryolitt
Pvt Sobchak
Pvt Bruns
Pvt E1n4r
Pvt macks
Pvt Milky
Pvt Moni
Pvt Ulti
Pvt Fingers
Pvt B.Noisy
Pvt Shade
Pvt omer
Pvt Smaltin

Retired Privates
Pvt Bai (Ret.)
Pvt Oglogoth (Ret.)
Pvt AirborneNinja (Ret.)
Pvt BloodyMartyr (Ret.)
Pvt SoapyTarantula (Ret.)

Grade: E-2
Level: Team
Type: Enlisted

Private First Class (PFC)

Privates who continually demonstrate a positive attitude, maturity and dedication to training and the progressive improvement of the task force, including a willingness to volunteer their leadership when needed are typically promoted to Private First Class after serving a suitable period of good service in the previous grade, after meeting a minimum operational and practice hour requirement.

Current Private First Classs
PFC BigRed
PFC Bradley
PFC Ghost
PFC Mason
PFC Squido
PFC Maciek
PFC Link
PFC Deksterus
PFC Sharkhus

Grade: E-3
Level: Team
Type: Enlisted

Specialist (SPC)

Privates who do not take on additional responsibilities or administration can achieve promotion through technical skills as a Specialist, comparable to Corporal at grade (E-4) affording the ability to deploy to E-4 grade roles without restriction, however SPC do not form part of the organisational chain of command and is therefore outranked by Corporal. Promotion to Specialist requires the completion of advanced training combined with extensive experience in the form of operational hours and practice hours.

Grade: E-4
Level: Team
Type: Enlisted

Master Specialist (MSP)

Master Specialist (MSP) is the highest attainable enlisted rank. It represents the pinnacle of experience, knowledge, both of SOP and skill. MSPs do not have any additional administration responsibilities yet are a vital asset to often less-experienced NCOs, SNCOs and Officers and will often act as enlisted advisors. Promotion to Master Specialist is rare, the rank is comparable to Sergeant at grade (E-5), however not being part of the chain of command it is still outranked by Corporal at grade (E-4).

Grade: E-5
Level: Team
Type: Enlisted

Corporal (Cpl)

Corporals are unit leaders and the most numerous of all NCOs in the task force, responsible for a unit size up to 10 administratively. Like Sergeants, Corporals are responsible for individual training, personnel matters and the general status of their teams. Due to their role the Corporals are very much the backbone of the organisational leadership.

As an NCO they continually demonstrate a positive attitude, maturity and a willingness to not only volunteer their leadership, but to provide their valued feedback and input both in game and out.


Current Corporals
Cpl Mattjamco
Cpl J. "Willy" Wilson
Cpl Jules
Cpl Skelly
Cpl Luke
Cpl Trustii
Cpl Johannes

Retired Corporals
Cpl TEMPLAR (Ret.)
Cpl Pidu (Ret.)

Grade: E-4
Level: Team
Type: NCO
Min Subs: 5
Max Subs: 8

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