Ranks & Structure 101 - United Task Force (UNITAF) - Arma 3

Chain of Command

An introduction to Ranks in UNITAF

Ranks, NCOs, SNCOs and Officers

UNITAF uses a military rank system and like most all things in UNITAF in accordance with "Realism Where it Matters" it's usage is not solely for simulation, but rather serves a function in the running of the organisation.


Ranks are broken down as follows;

  • Processing ranks
    • Applicants (App)
    • Candidates (CDT)
  • Enlisted ranks
    • Recruits (Rec)
    • Privates (Pvt, PFC)
    • Specialists (SP3, SP2, SP1, SPC, MSP, CMS)

  • Non-commissioned officers
    • NCOs (Cpl, Sgt, SSgt)
    • Senior NCOs or SNCOs (SFC, MSG, 1SG, SGM, CSM)

  • Officers
    • Officers (2Lt, 1Lt, Capt)
    • Senior Officers (Maj, LtCol, Col)


Enlisted ranks

Enlisted ranks cover all persons who take no additional responsibilities beyond mission attendance and general contributions and is where most all members reside. These members have no direct leadership roles out of the game. Promotion is achieved through a combination of operational and practice hours as well as good conduct, time in grade and time in unit, see the promotions policy for more detail.



Non-commissioned officers are managers as well as leaders, they allow the day-to-day functioning of UNITAF. NCOs are expected to be more active than enlisted members and will hold at least one post in the OPCOC or ORGCOC or both. Most NCOs have additional duties to assist superiors with the smooth running of UNITAF. All NCOs and above are expected to demonstrate a positive attitude, maturity and a willingness to not only volunteer their leadership, but to provide their valued feedback and input both in game and out.



Officers are less management focused than NCOs and in UNITAF provide strategic direction to the groups aims and objectives. Officers support and are supported by SNCOs and NCOs in order to deliver the objectives of Unit Command. Most Officers will report directly to the Task Force Commanding Officer.

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