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NCO Ranks

Corporal (Cpl)

Current Statistics
Average Age on Promotion: 845 days from enlistment
Average Combat Deployments: 44
Average Combat Hours: 176.70
Average Practice Hours: 73.04

Current Corporals

Retired Corporals
Cpl Mason (Ret.)
Cpl TEMPLAR (Ret.)
Cpl Pidu (Ret.)

Prior/Previous Corporals
Pvt Ryolitt
PFC BigRed (Ret.)
PFC Bradley (Ret.)
PFC J. Wilson (Ret.)
SP3 Jules
SP3 Link (Ret.)
PFC Sharkhus (Ret.)
SP3 Trustii (Ret.)
Pvt UTFN Tester
SP2 LegacyStetson
SP2 Sean
SP2 B.Miller
SP3 Shahid-e-Gomnam
SPC Dreolic
SP3 Noah_Hero
SP2 Taru
PFC ryyszla
SP2 mtb
SP2 T. Wolf

Grade: E-4
Level: NCO

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