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Promoted to Grade Rank Dated
SP3 SP3 BlueWolf E-4 Specialist 3rd Class
SP2 SP2 Applechaser E-5 Specialist 2nd Class
PFC PFC Froz3nWolf E-3 Private First Class
Rec Rec reynolds E-1 Recruit
Rec Rec ItsAndrew E-1 Recruit
Rec Rec Carl E-1 Recruit
Rec Rec CynicalDuck E-1 Recruit
PFC PFC Mr.47 E-3 Private First Class
Pvt Pvt Slick E-2 Private
SP1 SP1 Edoardo E-6 Specialist 1st Class
PFC PFC Cypher E-3 Private First Class
Rec Rec Calitz E-1 Recruit
Rec Rec TomH E-1 Recruit
Rec Rec LoganMCB E-1 Recruit
Rec Rec Yellow E-1 Recruit
Rec Rec Z. Spencer E-1 Recruit
Rec Rec H2K E-1 Recruit
Rec Rec DesignerOfWar E-1 Recruit
Pvt Pvt Stevio E-2 Private

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