Ranks & Structure 101 - United Task Force (UNITAF) - Arma 3

Recent Promotions

Promotions within the last 30 days

Promoted to Grade Rank Dated
Rec Rec Shad E-1 Recruit
Rec Rec ExiledGamerrr E-1 Recruit
Rec Rec Jtek E-1 Recruit
Pvt Pvt AxissPrime E-2 Private
MSP MSP Jari (Ret.) E-8 Master Specialist
SFC SFC SkullCollector E-7 Sergeant First Class
Cpl Cpl Wombat E-4 Corporal
MSP MSP Mattjamco E-8 Master Specialist
SP1 SP1 Charybdis E-6 Specialist 1st Class
Pvt Pvt Chloris E-2 Private
Pvt Pvt Sharo951 E-2 Private
Rec Rec BlackCat E-1 Recruit
Rec Rec MortemOmnia E-1 Recruit
Rec Rec SirKrow E-1 Recruit
Pvt Pvt Roy Callaghan E-2 Private
SPC SPC Dreolic E-7 Specialist
PFC PFC Phil McCarthy E-3 Private First Class
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