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What this guide covers

The Administration training area covers a number of policies for UNITAF that are not specifically in game procedures, but policies or procedures that relate to how UNITAF as an organisation functions.

How this guide is laid out, and how to use it

To the right hand side, you'll see a list of topics covered by this guide for Administration Roles, clicking each topic will direct you to further detail on that topic. We don't require any member of the task force to read this guide, but it's here should you wish to read up on any policy or proceedure. It's primary purpose is a reference point for those teaching this in-game in field training exercises.

This guide describes our policy and Procedures, standard operating Procedures (SOP) in relation to Administration Roles, these are the things that we expect those operating in these roles to know, and to practice. Our policies are also key to the cohesive and cooperative nature of UNITAF, blantant disregard for policy in any area is detrimental to the group and you should expect consequences to result from such behaviour.

It also contains what we would call best practices, activities which are not detrimental when not fully understood, but ultimately are good to know. We have a common sense approach to practicing, training and executing SOP. Ultimately our goal is great teamwork facilitated by a straightforward set of Procedures, but we're also ready to update them when better methods are developed.

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