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Forward Air Control

The Forward Air Controller (FAC) is tasked with coordinating air elements in the support of ground forces and frequently is assigned to the company headquarters element.

The primary job of the FAC is to designate LZs, coordinate resupply, locate enemy targets and call in air strikes on them. They act as the eyes on the ground for the aircrafts and increase the effectiveness of the air support with the information they are able to relay to the aircraft, acting as the liaison between the CoyHQ and any supporting aircraft.

However, to excel at this task extensive knowledge is required ranging from terminology over standard communications, like the Check-In Briefing and the Situation Update to the CAS request. This and the following SOPs will cover these topics.

A FAC overwatching his AO


Control Authority:

Though do note that the FAC only has control of the aircraft when inside his AO! All aircrafts that are untasked in his AO are self-navigating based on given restriction, whereas all aircraft outside his AO are controlled by a Game Master who will act as Air Traffic Controler (ATC) on a different channel. Hence it is important to pass aircrafts back to the ATC's frequency whenever directed to leave the AO. This could be as simple as:

Lightning 1, this is Phoenix 8, Proceed South out of the AO and contact Control on Channel 81.

In the same manner, the ATC will pass aircrafts onto the FAC's channel when he directs them to enter the AO as supports.

Furthermore, CAP duties are never controlled by a FAC but instead by a GM who will act as Airspace Battle Manager (ABM) for them.

UNITAF Standard Operating procedures (SOP)
are adapted primarly from US Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC). Our written and audio procedures are a combination of the following primary source materials, as well as our own learnings, modifications and adaptations:
- US Army Techniques Publication, Infantry Platoon and Squad (ATP 3-21.8)
- Soldier’s Manual of Common Tasks Warrior Leader Skills Level 2, 3, and 4 (STP 21-24-SMCT)
- The Warrior Ethos and Soldier Combat Skills (FM 3-21.75 / FM 21-75)
- Leadership Development (FM 6-22)
- Dyslexi's Tactics, Techniques, & Procedures for Arma 3 (TTP3)

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