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P10-170 Artillery Control: End of Mission

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    Call for Fire: End of Mission

    After observation of impacts, you survey the effect in a Battle Damage Assessment, BDA, to transmit to the FDC. If the effect is insufficient, the FO requests REPEAT and includes any necessary adjustments.

    When satisfied, the FO summarises the achieved effect and ends the mission. This clears the radio net and concludes the CFF.

    The End of Mission statement is the only way the artillery people get to know how they did. It's a measure of success for you and crucially so for them!

    Ending a Fire Mission

    When you are satisifed with the effect, you transmit on the radio:

    Hammer, Hawk 8, end of mission,...

    and then include your surveyed effect: BTR destroyed, one BMP neutralised, estimate twenty casualties, over.



    The possible states of enemy positions after a fire missions are as such:

    Proword Expected Effect

    When a whole infantry unit is killed or a vehicle explodes into wreckage, it is considered destroyed. No reforming or repair is possible.

    For infantry, this is transmitted in number of casualties. An estimate is okay.


    When a large portion of infantry is killed and the enemy troops are unable to continue combat, they are considered neutralised.

    When a vehicle is disabled, such as having lost its gun or mobility, it is also considered neutralised. For vehicles, this can be considered a temporary state.


    When the target is hindered in its effectiveness against friendly troops and positions, it is suppressed. HE can be used to scramble enemy positions and advances, as they run for cover. Smoke can be used to obscure lines of sight and thereby also suppresses.

    Suppression usually only lasts as long as the fire mission, so consider it a temporary state.


    This one is not transmitted back to the FDC.

    When the surveyed effect does not meet your or your leader's criteria, it is insufficient. Adjust and repeat.


    Refinement and Recording

    In some cases, it's useful to record a fire mission as a target for future reference. Sometimes you might expect the enemy to move back into or through that position. Other times you might want to use the target as a reference to use for SHIFT FROM KNOWN POINT plots.

    A transmission like that would look like this:

    Hammer, Hawk 8, left 30, add 20, record as target ALPHA BRAVO ONE TWO. End of mission, three urals destroyed, estimate 20 casualties, over.

    Whether or not you choose to refine and record, the End of Mission statement will be read back to you by the FDC.

    This concludes the fire mission.

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    - Soldier’s Manual of Common Tasks Warrior Leader Skills Level 2, 3, and 4 (STP 21-24-SMCT)
    - The Warrior Ethos and Soldier Combat Skills (FM 3-21.75 / FM 21-75)
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