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NCO unit policies and rules

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Enforce/promote proper conduct in members

NCOs and above should maintain a keen eye on the conduct of all members, especially during operations, Conduct that is disruptive to the simulation or experience of players, realism or the progress of the simulated mission should be stopped immediately. NCOs will make a judgement call as to whether the matter can he dealt with immediately, or will require further attention after the operation.

ReferenceGeneral unit policies and rules


NCOs themselves have the power to eject or refuse anyone under their command, passing that person back to their upper chain to deal with so long as a reason is given. You are responsible for the conduct of anyone under your command and therefore should monitor it thoroughly.

While we should not need to provide a specific list above and beyond the guidance above, examples of undesirable and disruptive behaviour are;


  1. Throwing of grenades / moving of objects, climbing eg during large gatherings of players
  2. Intentionally firing or otherwise attempting to damage a player civillian or non enemy Al
  3. Not listening to or obeying an assigned commander, team leader or NCO (regardless of rank)
  4. Excessive commentary on the decisions or performance of a leader, team, or individual whilst a mission is still ongoing


As leaders, our duty to uphold a level of calm and methodical structure and flow that supports the enjoyment of all players, any disruption to this can make us look tolerant to disruption, and should be stopped Immediately. It you require any clarification on any matter related to the above above please speak to your upper chain.

UNITAF SOP is heavily based on Dyslexi's Tactics, Techniques, & Procedures for Arma 3 (TTP3)
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