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Designated marksmen

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A Designated Marksman is a squad-level unit that is equipped with a special rifle fitted with some sort of magnified optic. Their task is to provide accurate fire and observation on the enemy from ranges beyond what the normal riflemen can achieve. They are the precision shooting asset of a squad.


The 6.5mm MXM Designated Marksman Rifle


The important distinction between a Designated Marksman and a true sniper is that the DM is attached to a squad and operates with it, to support the squad, whereas a sniper team operates independently and is a platoon-level asset (or higher), under the direct command of the Platoon Commander. The DM typically engages at medium to long ranges (ie - 300-700m), whereas the sniper team can operate out to ranges in excess of one kilometer.

A designated marksman scans the countryside from the prone


Basic Designated Marksman Guidelines

  • Act as overwatch whenever possible.
    Your optics will give you a better view than the rest of your teammates - take advantage of it. Support the squad by fire from the best position you can find.
  • When your squad is in combat, it is your job to target high-priority enemy combatants (ie machinegunners, team leaders, anti-tank gunners) and eliminate them as quickly as possible.
    Once they're down, attack enemies based on the threat they pose. Pay particular attention to longer-ranged targets that the regular infantry may have difficulty engaging successfully.
  • Stay far enough back in any formation that you are able to maneuver at will if the element comes under fire. 
    Being able to pick the best possible firing position is a much better option than being forced to take the first one you can find nearby.

UNITAF Standard Operating Proceedure (SOP) is adapted from two primary source materials - in addition to our own experience and past learnings:
US Army Techniques Publication, Infantry Platoon and Squad (ATP 3-21.8) ->view online
Dyslexi's Tactics, Techniques, & Procedures for Arma 3 (TTP3) -> view online

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