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The folowing is a breakdown of a typical load carry for the main medical roles. Each load carry is specific to the requirements of said role.


Combat Life Saver

As a Combat Life Saver (CLS) you are the first responder to any combat casualty, and your role typically revolves around pain management and most importantly, stopping bleeding from open wounds. Therefore, your load carry is mostly comprised of Bandages, Autoinjectors and a Stitching Kit - you don't need to carry Blood or Personal Aids Kits as these are typically spread loaded, and your valuable capacity is best used with the former, and not the latter.


a typical CLS loadout should include;

  • 30 x Packing bandage

  • 30 x Elastic bandage

  • 30 x Field dressing

  • 60 x QuickClot bandage

  • 15 x Tourniquet

  • 20 x Splint

  • 25 x Morphine Auto-injector

  • 10 x Epinephrine Auto-injector

  • 1 x Stitching Kit

  • 2-4 x Purple Smoke Grenade



Squad and Platoon Medics

Medics perform all the functions of CLS First Aiders as and when required and so carry much the same equipment. Importantly they are able to re-introduce Blood to a patients system and therefore they carry a blood supply, which takes up a lot of their load carrying. Medics are also able to use Personal Aid Kits, of which they carry some spare - even though all infantry units carry their own personal aid kit.


For a Squad or Platoon Medic, a typical loadout should include:

  • 5 x Personal Aid Kit

  • 10 x Tourniquet

  • 15 x Morphine Auto-injector

  • 10 x Epinephrine Auto-injector

  • 25 x Packing bandage

  • 25 x Elastic bandage

  • 25 x Field dressing

  • 30 x QuickClot bandage

  • 10 x Splint

  • 5 x Blood/Plasma IV (1000ml)

  • 10 x Blood/Plasma IV (500ml)

  • 1 x Stitching Kit

  • 2-4 x Purple Smoke Grenade

UNITAF Standard Operating procedures (SOP)
are adapted primarly from US Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC). Our written and audio procedures are a combination of the following primary source materials, as well as our own learnings, modifications and adaptations:
- US Army Techniques Publication, Infantry Platoon and Squad (ATP 3-21.8)
- Soldier’s Manual of Common Tasks Warrior Leader Skills Level 2, 3, and 4 (STP 21-24-SMCT)
- The Warrior Ethos and Soldier Combat Skills (FM 3-21.75 / FM 21-75)
- Leadership Development (FM 6-22)
- Dyslexi's Tactics, Techniques, & Procedures for Arma 3 (TTP3)

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