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Session Classification


Major James

Commanding Officer

Session Classification

UNITAF is commited to providing sessions on a regular basis and as we promote more members of the task force to experiment, practice and run their own sessions, we also want to make sure that when attending sessions you know what to expect from the types of sessions that you will see over time.

All sessions must be clearly labelled both in the servers name, and in any pings communicating that session so that it's clear what you as the organiser and those attending can expect from the session.


Official operations and patrols can vary in size and scope, but have one thing in common - they all utilize the full standard operating proceedures of UNITAF, and all standing orders, rules and SOP apply at all times. When taking part you'll only be able to deploy to roles you meet the minimum requirements for, so you can expect that those taking said roles know what they are doing. Official operatations or patrols are organised or lead by a UNITAF NCO or higher. Most official operations will be listed on the Operations Center with prior ORBATTING, but not always. 

Official Operations utilise the normal chain of command and count towards your service history, operational hours and record/statistics.

Casual operations and patrols are cooperative sessions with the same level of teamwork you'd expect from any UNITAF session, but expect them to be a little more laid back or perhaps less serious than official sessions. Casual Operations have no ORBAT requirements, so you are able to take any role without restriction, it's a good opportunity to try out roles to see if you like them, without the pressure of an official operation. It's up to the organiser to communciate what they expect, casual ops may make use of other factions, weapons, assets, nations or styles of play than usual. Casual operations can be organised by any Regular member of UNITAF, it's not required that an NCO leads it.


Anything that doesn't fall into the above categories, typically these sessions will be wildely out of our normal sessions and feature unique or unusual styles of play.




In the server name (examples):

Official: UNITAF OFFICIAL OPERATIONS - Operation Hammer 10
Casual: UNITAF CASUAL OPERATIONS - Patrolling Takistan
Just for Fun: UNITAF JUST FOR FUN - Zombie Apocalypse


When communicating or pinging via discord:

Official: "This session is classified as a OFFICIAL OPERATION see for more information."

Casual: "This session is classified as a CASUAL OPERATION see for more information."

Casual: "This session is classified as JUST FOR FUN see for more information."


On the Operations Center

The operations center will state OFFICIAL/CASUAL/JUST FOR FUN on the upcoming events list.



Question or Idea?

This SOP can be discussed in the #j6-training-and-sop contribution channel on Discord.

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Posted: 2020-01-16 17:33:50